Our Five Ring Circus: Numb

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been blessed with amazing parents. They mean the world to me, and are incredible grandparents to Dylan and Lexie.

One of my worst nightmares is losing them.

Today, my dad called and very nonchalantly told me that he had a tumor on his bladder and that his doctor said that these type of tumors are almost always cancerous.

I honestly didn't know what to say. Shock set in.

My dad has a positive outlook on everything, and is acting like this is no big deal. He was very matter of fact and explained that he is having surgery on the 24th to remove it, and that his doctor thinks he can remove it all. He won't know anything else until after the surgery.

I was strong all day. I tried not to dwell on the news, and I'm trying to think positively about it.

In all honesty, my heart hurts right now.

I don't want to see my dad go through this and don't want to think about the possibility of losing him.

What's happening hasn't really set in yet. I was in tears a few times today, but the reality hasn't hit me. I'm sure it will hit soon.

All I can do now is be strong, and pray hard.


  1. Stef, praying for you and your family at this time.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear this. My heart just aches for you...I know EXACTLY what you're going through and the things you're feeling right now.

    I've lost both of my parents - my dad when I was 21 and my mom when I was 28. It was my worst nightmare come true. But God has held my hand steadily. And even before I lost my mom, I knew God would get me through regardless of the outcome.

    The best thing is knowing that God has a plan for your family. It's very encouraging to hear that the doctor thinks he can get it "all." I'll be in prayer for your entire family, Stef. Please keep us updated, and feel free to write to me if you want to talk. :)


  3. Again, I'm so sorry to hear this Stef. Hang in there and know that I'll be thinking about you and your family!

  4. Oh gosh..I'm so sorry.

    I'll pray for your dad. Keep us updated if you feel up to it.

  5. oh sweetie, that is so hard! I can't imagine how scared and worried you are. Hang in there...


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