Our Five Ring Circus: Keep your eye on the ball

Friday, March 6, 2009

Keep your eye on the ball

Dylan's first choice profession is to be a doctor.

But he would also like to play baseball. He is crazy good for such a young kid!

At a year old, the sports obsession began, mainly with football, baseball, and golf. He would walk around with a football helmet on his head and a football tucked under his arm. He was always playing a sport. At the age of 2, we began noticing that he had great aim when throwing the ball, and he's only gotten better over the past 2 years.

Now that the weather is nice again, it's time to play. That's all he wants to do when we go outside. I pitch to him for hours on end. He truly enjoys playing, and he is really good. He has an amazing arm on him, a near perfect aim, and such a strong swing. He rarely misses the ball, and hits it so hard that I find myself ducking out of the way. I've gotten many bruises from being hit!

I can't wait to watch my little man play baseball on a team. In the not too distant future, he will prefer to play baseball with his buddies, instead of his mom. So for now, I happily pitch to him, ball after ball after ball after ball after ball.

And perhaps, someday he will be able to say that his mom helped him become such a great baseball player.

Keep your eye on the ball, buddy!


  1. Such a sweet post! I love watching little boys play sports. And it's so GOOD for them!! Zack is our basketball star. We've always known he had incredible aim and hoped to get him into baseball but when he was 2, we saw him with a basketball hoop (at about 6 feet) and he rarely missed a shot! So you can bet we bought him a regulation-size hoop and ball last summer. He's pretty good! It helps that he's tall lol.

  2. They are all so different aren't they? My son? (The 6 year old) asked me a couple of weeks ago
    "Mom, what exactly is baseball anyway?"
    I had to laugh, we all fall in so many ways on the spectrum, don't we?!


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