Our Five Ring Circus: Surgery today

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surgery today

My dad had his surgery to remove the tumor in his bladder today. It went well, and he was home by 1:30 this afternoon. He has a catheter until Friday, but he's doing great. He never acts his age, so I often forget that he's going to be 70 next year. He was walking around the entire time I visited (mainly because he said it was uncomfortable to sit) and acting like his typical self. The tumor removal went well, and hopefully he won't need any further treatment.

Since my mom doesn't drive, I am their personal assistant, shopper, and chauffer until my dad is back on his feet. Anything for him, though!

I am so relieved now that this surgery is over. Our family has been under a lot of stress since January. We have dealt with several losses, illnesses, and major life changes. Today marks 3 months since Lexie's diarrhea began, and we still have no answers. Lately, I've been feeling like the stress of everything combined is just crushing me, but a bit of that weight was lifted after this successful surgery.

I pray that my dad continues to recover well and that this tumor business is over!


  1. Praying for good news and a full recovery! Hugs to you.
    Becky xxx

  2. i hope he'll get better soon. he seems like a man with a great spirit for life. he'll be ok.

  3. Your parents are blessed with a wonderful, caring daughter.
    Lexie? I continue to pray for her and your family. I know how frustrating it is to not have an answer with your child. we will do anything for them, and to not know what is going on is so hard. Stay strong!


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