Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me Monday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to another week of Not Me Monday! As always, check out MckMama's great blog for more Not Me Monday fun.

And now, for my weekly therapy session. It feels good to let it all out. Then again, I'm not talking about me in this post at all!


I did not stop writing this post so I could grab a 12:30 AM snack of Peanut butter toast. I am not still hungry, and thinking I need some cereal too. Or mandarin oranges.

I did not walk into my bedroom to find my 2 year old daughter wearing my bra. She did not shake her chest and say, "Look at Meeeee!" Nor did she hand her brand new Dora underwear to her beloved friend, Jason. Already wearing a bra and handing out her panties to much older men? I'm doomed!

I did not put off learning how to use my DSLR in manual mode for almost a year. Or buying my new lens. I am not kicking myself now, because my pictures are SO much better because of it. ....Now onto that Photoshop program that has been sitting around for 6 months, unused!

It's not me who has been second guessing our decision to add a third child to our family, especially after a frustrating doctor's visit on Tuesday, where I struggled to keep my children busy and well behaved for over 2 hours. It's not me who now has baby fever.

I did not spend over an hour in Target, just because I was so thrilled to get out of the house.

I did not put Dylan into time out and then forget about him for ten minutes. My sister was not witness to this fact. Nor did I put Lexie into time out, only to have her not want to leave time out. Ineffective much?

We are not depriving our kids of eating out. Dylan was not so excited to go out to eat, that he couldn't stop talking about what he was going to order all day.

Lexie did not clear the room, at two different houses, within mere hours of each other. My beautiful daughter does not smell like a leaking septic tank. Its a medical condition, peeps! We just don't know what it is yet!

Oh yeah, I did NOT have that cereal. Even if I did, it wouldn't have been Marshmallow Fruit Loops.


So now that you know what I didn't do this week, what haven't YOU done?


  1. Happy Not Me! Monday!

    Oh, I hate when I get those late night cravings, eat a little snack, and then just want to go back for more!

    BTW, Happy 100th post.

  2. LOL That is so me eating late at night...DH always makes fun of me. Can't wait to see your pics with the new lens!

  3. Late night snacking, not me either. Especially when I was pregnant. I would never be known to keep a box of granola bars on the night stand just in case I wake up hungry.

  4. When I nursed, i ate at night all the time. The bed was always full of crumbs!
    I love that Dylan couldn't wait to eat out! That is so cute, and the bra one? Classic!

  5. thanks for visiting!! i love your blog (love the background, so st. patricky). i am anxious to see what you can do with the new lens. what kind of camera do you have and what lens did you get?
    it's good your kids don't have to live in my house. my kids get excited when we actually eat at home!! sad to admit, but true!!

  6. My camera just arrived!! Oh I can't WAIT to get my hands on it =)
    Yes, you NEED to play around with Photoshop, it is the greatest!
    I love your blog, I will be returning to "stalk" some more lol!
    I did find the pics of Cherokee from January, he is so cute! You are lucky to have him, it is so special that you grew up together!

  7. I'm totally giggling over here about the bra incident. The wonderful world of girls, eh?

  8. Oh, Becky, you just wait! It is wonderful, though. :)

  9. That's hysterical about Lexie wearing your bra!! You may just be in trouble with that little one!! LOL!

    I got photoshop elements for my birthday (in January) and have yet to even open the box it came in. Oops.

  10. Now, I was perfectly fine til reading your blog and now I'm feelin' a tad bit hungry. Thanks a lot! ha ha ha =0)

    Enjoyed your Not Me's. Happy Monday!

  11. Great post! I laughed so hard over Lexie, the bra and the Dora panties. LOL.

    Yay!!! I have company in baby fever!!!

    I *heart* Target too, my favorite place to escape.

  12. Your kids are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. :)

  13. I could eat peanut butter toast everyday or my other fave - peanut butter with margarine melted on bagel. Yummy!
    Nice NMM's.

  14. Your kids are SO adorable! Love the part about Lexie wearing your bra.

  15. You are so funny Stef! Love ya.


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