Our Five Ring Circus: An update on Lexie Bean

Thursday, March 12, 2009

An update on Lexie Bean

Does this look like the face of a little girl who has had diarrhea every single day for 3 months?

She has really been a trooper through this entire process!

Lexie finally had her consultation with the Pediatric GI doctor yesterday. We don't have any concrete answers yet, but we are finally on our way to getting some!

The Celiac blood screening panel ruled out Celiac Disease, which is wonderful. I was so worried about that. The doctor thinks we are on the clear for that, because only 3% of the people tested get false negatives.

We have to get another stool sample, so they can test for malabsorption. Basically, they will test to see if her body is processing fats, carbohydrates, and simple sugars.

While we wait the 2-3 weeks for that test result (well...after acquiring the perfect sample, which will be difficult!), Lexie will be on a prescription probiotic, which will introduce "good bacteria" into her system.

If nothing comes from the malabsorption test, they will start focusing on food allergies. The doctor wants to start with the least invasive test possible, and then move on from there.

Lexie will end up getting help for her picky eating as well. The doctor was very shocked when she read her food journal. She is basically existing on bread/grain products and water. She is already anemic, and most likely has other nutritional deficiencies.

So for now we wait. Again! It seems like we do a lot of waiting for test results. But the more we are able to rule out, the closer we get to an answer.


For now, I'd like to thank Pampers for their great diapers (or maybe they should thank me for having to buy so many!) and Glade, Oust, and Febreeze, for covering up the awful stench in my house.

For someone so cute, she sure is stinky!


  1. She's so beautiful and full of life. Praying you get answers soon!

  2. Aww, poor little girl! But at least if there's something wrong with her system, you can find out and fix it while she's too little to remember any of it. My heart goes out to her!

  3. thank god for pampers is right! goodness i don't know how i would manage without them. i hope she gets better.

  4. would they test for Chrons?
    I hope she gets better soon.

  5. Geez, I am glad you are on the right track now. I feel for the little lady.

  6. Poor baby! I'm glad they have ruled everything out so far, but that still doesn't give you any answers. Hopefully they figure it out soon and it's something that can be easily taken care of!


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