Our Five Ring Circus: We've got the fever

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We've got the fever

UGH! Cabin fever. We couldn't take another day of being cooped up indoors.

The natives were restless. And stir crazy. The type of crazy that makes them climb on furniture and eat fake fruit.

So I bundled them up, and we headed outdoors.

Appearances can be deceiving. The fabulous high in that brilliant sunlight was 20 degrees. I can't stand the cold, but the sun made it a bit more bearable. My kids obviously can't stand the cold either, and were begging to come in after about 25 minutes.

At least we got out of the house. And spring is in sight!


  1. Cute pics. Your little gal is so cute in the pink hat and coat! I read your previous post too and want to say how sorry I am for your dad's news. I will pray for good news for your family. In the meantime, please accept this cyber ((hug))

  2. Well it is 2 days later and here in the Midwest we have got 55 glorious degrees - hope it is coming your way.

  3. Yay! Spring is almost here!! I have the half circle version fountain similar yours, but mine is sitting in the "garage" because we don't have any outside outlets to plug it into =(


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