Our Five Ring Circus: Upgrade much?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Upgrade much?

Prior to Saturday, this is what the kids had to work with:

In all honesty, it wasn't really working for them anymore. Poor Dylan outgrew it by the time he was 2. We just left it up for Lexie to use. When I realized that she could sit at the top of the slide with her feet almost touching the ground, I knew it was time to upgrade.

So we invested in one of these:

The kids are absolutely thrilled with their new swingset! Lexie loves the glider, playhouse and chalkboard. Dylan loves the swings, playhouse and slide. Instead of filling the bottom with sand, as recommended, we decided to move the sandbox they already had into that spot. That way we don't have to worry about wild creatures and stray cats using it as their own personal litter box. For now, everybody is happy!

It took 8 men (and my fabulous organization skills) 7 hours to build it on Saturday. The kids played outside all day, just waiting for it to be finished. They finally got to try it out. It was nearly dark and getting cold out, but we couldn't get them off of that thing!

We spent all day outside on Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, we've had rainy weather the past two days and haven't been able to go outside. They've been standing on Dylan's bed, longingly staring out the window at their beloved play gym. I know it was a great investment and that it's going to get a ton of use.

That other set? Still sitting outside, just waiting for someday baby # 3 to play on it.

For now, the kids are going to log in a lot of hours playing on their new toy!


  1. Wow, that is awesome! Can't believe it took 7 hours for the guys to build!!! Your kids are going to have such a fun spring and summer with that new toy!

  2. That's awesome! My girlfriend spent a chunk of her tax return on something very similar last year and all our kids loved it during the summer BBQ's :)

  3. That looks like so much fun! I hope to upgrade ours next summer. I bet the kids will spend all summer on it!

  4. WOW! That is AWESOME! Your little ones are gonna have a blast this summer! Maybe little Jimmy will get one of those in a couple years...

  5. That's almost exactly what we have! :) I completely forgot that I wanted to put a sandbox in the bottom (I didn't fill it with sand for the exact same reason! LoL) How fun for them!

  6. I am incredibly jealous! We've been dying to get our kids one of these for years. And then - we moved into an apartment above our store. Yeah - no yard.


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