Our Five Ring Circus: Up to my elbows in poop...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Up to my elbows in poop...

I was blessed with a baby boy who had great bowels. I never had to change a diarrhea diaper on him. He had one bout of diarrhea when he was 2, and it was after he was potty trained.

My little Princess, on the other hand, has had blow outs since the days she was born. I knew at that first diaper change, that life was going to be messy with her. Sure enough, that has proven to be true.

Last week, she came down with diarrhea, with no other symptoms. She was as happy as can be. Over a week later, she still has the runs. And she's not even acting sick!

I am SO OVER IT. Really, Lex, time to stop!

She has ruined many pairs of tights and pants and most of her onesies. After throwing away several things that couldn't be saved, despite the gallons of stain remover I used, I dug into the drawer of clothes that I never put on her. She will be wearing these clothes until she decides to stop pooping so much.

I can't take it any more. I will change her, and 5 minutes later, she will run over, smelling like poop. Can't a mom catch a break? Where's that "Dirty Job" guy when you need him?

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  1. Oh man, I really feel for you. Truett was the pooper and Claire has never been like that...but I SO know what you mean. I hope she gets over it soon!


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