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Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another weekly therapy session!

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This week I have been really good. Either that, or I'm blocking out the things I have not done this week.

I did not JUST buy Lexie girl bedding for her crib. Of course I bought it when she was born. She has not been using Dylan's gender neutral bedding for almost 2 years. I did not get the new bedding set for $11!

I did not get to enjoy a childless lunch at the Olive Garden, with my sister. I did not starve myself for 18 hours, so I could fully enjoy the meal. I did not end up eating several bowls of salad, 2 breadsticks, and most of my lunch. It was not the BEST MEAL EVER. I am not already planning my next lunch out with my sister. I also didn't get to enjoy shopping alone.

That outing was not ended when I received a text from Grant that simply said, "Lexie is ripe."

Lexie did not turn 23 months a few days ago, and she is most definitely NOT turning 2 next month.

I am not beyond excited to hear what my best friend is having. I do not wish we could fast forward to Wednesday, so I'll finally know!

I did not buy my kids 2 little toys on my outing. After all, it was just Christmas, and they got more than enough.

I do not hide in my room, and sneak candy so Dylan doesn't see my stash!

I did not stay in my pj's all day on Wednesday. I did not work out in the same pj's on Thursday, only to be interrupted by a visit from my sister. That visit did not keep me from getting dressed. My hubby did not come home and make fun of me for being in the same pj's for 48 hours straight! (Hey, I still got a lot done!)

What haven't you done this week?


  1. Wow, a bedding set for $11!? That's great! Olive Garden sounds yummy too! Too bad you didn't do any of those things! LOL

  2. Great Not Me's! I loved the text of your daughter is "ripe".

  3. Great stores! I love having a PJ day... every so often, I think its nice to shut down a bit and relax.

  4. Very cute! Your babes are adorable!

    I too have spent many a 48 hour period in the same super comfy jammies. That, my friend is the joy of being a stay at home mom. ;)

    Lisa (a.k.a. BlogBaby's BabyMama)

  5. I love jammies. I would live in jammies if I could wear them in public. Thanks for visiting today and for the comment. Love your list.

  6. Haha, I can relate to your PJ marathon! I pretty much live in my pajamas these days having a 3 month old and all ;)

    I also hide my "treats" in my bedroom to snack on when the children can't hover around! Love them like crazy, but they're like little vultures circling whenever something yummy is around. I just want to eat my dove bar in peace- sheesh! lol

    Great "not me's". Thanks for making me smile tonight!

  7. Those pics of the baby in the cup?! Awesome. I will call her a baby, because she CERTAINLY is still your baby, and not about to turn 2!

  8. Those pics of the baby in the cup?! Awesome. I will call her a baby, because she CERTAINLY is still your baby, and not about to turn 2!

  9. Oh! I totally have to eat my treats away from my boys or there would be huge, crocodile tears involved! :) ...and I'm still in my pj's right now and it's 3:13 p.m. Great list! I'm off to shower... :)

    Hope your impoopable results are good...



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