Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another edition of Not Me! Monday. For more Not Me! Monday fun, head on over to MckMama's blog.

It has been a long, exhausting, whirlwind of a week, and it was filled with many Not Me Moments. I'm glad their was some humor to brighten up this otherwise sad week.

I was not ridiculously excited over American Idol's return.

Dylan did not run into the room, yelling, "Mommy, Mommy...come quick! Lexie s**t everywhere!" I was not half tempted to laugh at his innocent use of the word, nor did I crack a smile while trying to explain that he's not allowed to use that word. Lexie did NOT poop everywhere. I did not have to throw her in the tub, fully clothed to deal with the mess.

My sweet hubby did not go to the store to get milk, and return with a new frying pan to replace my broken one, and a sled to replace the slide we were using as a makeshift sled.

Dylan did not respond to my announcement about Lexie not being allowed to have hard candy, with, "Well, can she have the fuzzy ones?"

The sweet hubby that I previously mentioned, did not comment on how he wouldn't know anyone at my sister's father's viewing. I did not have to remind him that my sister's father was my dad's cousin, and therefore, he would know everyone at the viewing. (Awww, you know I love you, honey!)

I did NOT get stuck in a snowdrift while trying to get out of my parent's driveway. I did not have to be at my sister's house to babysit my nephews, and I did not have to call my brother-in- law to beg him to cover for me until I could get there. I did not start digging out my car, in under 10 degree weather. 30 cars did not pass me while I was doing so...and of course someone stopped to offer their help. HA! My sister, sister-in-law, and nephew were the ones that came over to dig me out. I did not feel like a wimp when my sister got in the car, while it was still stuck, and pulled right out.

I did not bawl like a baby every time my sister looked back at me at her dad's funeral. Of course I was strong for her, and the look on her face did not break my heart.

We did not get snowed in at my sister's house last night. We did not wake the kids up, and drive home in a blizzard at 7 AM, because Grant (and, therefore, I) couldn't sleep. Of course, the road crews were out, and we did not have to drive on roads covered in 5 inches of snow. We did not go back to bed when we got home, and sleep until 11:00 (Lexie and I), 12:00 (Dylan), and 1:00 (Grant). Lexie did not then take a 3 1/2 hour nap!

Remember that new sled? The kids did not last a mere 5 minutes outside, sledding. It did not take longer to suit them up to go outside than it did for them to play.

I did not watch the Steelers game every chance I could get while trying to clean the house. Lexie did not throw a fit when I turned it off before halftime. She did not throw herself on the floor, and scream, "FOOTBALL!" We are not a football obsessed family. I am not thrilled that the STEELERS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!

Wow, that was an exciting week...if all that were true. What have you not done this week?


  1. I'm SOOO sorry but I had to delete your link. There were not spaced in your name lexiloo&dylantoo and longs names cause problems with mr. linky. you can come back and link again, though...i just wanted to give you a head's up!! So sorry:(

  2. Great Not me monday. I thought it was so funny about sending your hubby to the store and him returning with the new pan and sleigh

  3. Great Not Mes! Found you through MckMama!!!

  4. Is American Idol not simply the best thing out there?!!?


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