Our Five Ring Circus: I was the mom with THAT kid today

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was the mom with THAT kid today

Dylan was always an easy child. Everywhere we went, he was happy, social, polite, and well behaved. He hardly ever threw tantrums, and on the rare occasion that he did throw one, he calmed down immediately.

I. Was. Spoiled.

Lexie is full of attitude, and is prone to tantrums. She has cried in stores before, but typically doesn't throw tantrums while shopping. She had one a few weeks ago, while waiting in a long line, in a very warm store. Today's tantrum took the cake.

We ventured out to the bookstore, to get some books today. Lexie and Dylan were so excited, and as soon as we got to the kid's section, they ran off to the story stage to look at some books they picked out. As I followed behind Lexie, I saw her eyes settle on a bin filled with Dora and Diego Beanie Babies. Oh no.

Lexie pulled all 10 out of the box they were in, and carried them over to the bench. I tried to put away the extra Dora, Diego, Boots, and Baby Jaguar dolls, and she threw herself on the floor, and yelled, "Nooooooo!" I calmed her down, and she sat with them while she looked through a few books. When it was time to go, my mom found us, and told Lexie that she could pick one of the Beanie Babies. Once again, Lexie responded with, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As I picked them all up to put them back on the shelf, Lexie threw herself backwards onto the stage and started screaming.

I picked Lexie up, left Dylan with my mom, and marched her through the store, as she screamed, kicked, writhed in my arms, and slapped at my face. We got a few disgusted looks, but most people joked about it as I passed and smiled at me.

She got the point quickly, and stared behind me, yelling, "Dowa! Boots! Diego! Rowl Rowl (Baby Jaguar)!" as we kept walking. (It was almost funny, in a pathetic sort of way!)

As soon as we got to the car, she sat up in my arms, looked at me, and smiled.

I strapped her into her seat, and told her that she is not allowed to act that way in the store, because we will leave.

Yes...she was THAT kid today. And I was mortified.


  1. The drama begins...Having a girl is way different from a boy. Hang in there at one time or another we all have THAT kid. LOL!!

  2. YAY for you reacting so quickly and right! With Zack, I was the mom with THAT kid from about 2 and a half years until just 2 months ago. He's gotten much better and I don't always leave him with Daddy while I go shopping now :) Zander is my "I'm spoiled" kid. Of course, he's only 19 months. But he has only had a couple tantrums and calms down right away. What a difference from my destructive window-breaker LOL.


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