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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

We have not had a free weekend since early summer. I swear, every single weekend since then has been completely booked. I figured we would get a break as soon as the holidays were over, but it's not shaping up that way. It seems like we just keep getting busier!

Today, we had to go to a friend's birthday party. It started at 2, which meant that we arrived a bit before 2:30. I can't seem to get myself and 2 kids ready and to where we are going on time! I am dreading the thought of what it's going to be like when we add another munchkin to the mix! We ended up having a great time. The kids played with their friends (well, Lexie clung to me for the first half hour, and then warmed up to everyone) and Jack is quite the adorable 2 year old!

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday to my oldest sis! 44, huh? You'll always be 16 years older than me, baby! ;)

After the party, I convinced Grant to drive me around on my shopping errands to Kohls and Old Navy. I had some leftover Kohls cash to use by today, and we can't waste that! What to do with $5 left in Kohls cash? Buy Lexie her very first nightgown, off of the clearance rack, of course!

As soon as we got home, Lexie threw a full blown temper tantrum. Out of control, screaming, shaking, insanity! Dylan never had temper tantrums, so this is a new experience for me. What to do, other than stick her in her crib, and go on a cleaning frenzy? I drowned out her anger with the floor vac. After about a half hour, The Bean was back to normal. Shortly after, she discovered her new nightgown, handed it to me, and started undressing. What a fashion diva. Of course, no nightgown covered in princesses is complete without a princess hat.

We had some friends over, and had fun. Pickle and Bean got to stay up late to play with their buddy, Tyler. Skip the movie "Doomsday." Terribly awful. We shut it off about halfway through. It was as if they were going for the most bloody, gruesome movie ever...bring on the gore, forget the plot!!!

I decided to make tomorrow busy as well, by scheduling an appointment to get the kid's portraits taken. After a comment from my dad on how I never got professional pictures taken of both kids together, I decided that would be the perfect birthday gift for my difficult to buy for father. I am dreading it. Lexie Bean is notorious for not smiling or sitting for professional pictures. Hence, why I invested in an expensive camera, to do it myself. Yet, I can't seem to get a good portrait of the two of them together!

I am off to bed...I'm going to need all the energy I can muster at 1:00 tomorrow!

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