Our Five Ring Circus: Not Me! Monday

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Another Monday is here, and you know what that means! Not Me! Monday!

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So here's my weekly therapy session:

I am not secretly hoping that our third baby is a girl...partially because I love how frazzled Grant gets when dealing with Lexie's emotional behavior.

We are completely prepared for playing in the snow. Dylan was not wearing a snowsuit that he got when he was 2. Lexie was not stuffed into her snowsuit from last winter.
Grant was not wearing my gloves, and of course, we both had snowboots. And that sled of ours? Of course, it was a real sled. It was not the slide from the kid's playset!

When my mom informed us that she lost her job of 25 years, I did not have to keep myself from going and giving her supposed "family friend" boss a piece of my mind.

The candy from the candy store? It was definitely all for Dylan. None of it was for Grant and I. And even if it had been for us, we would not have hidden our stash of candy, so Dylan
wouldn't find it.

Dylan is not going to be attending an overpriced pre-K, simply because I forgot to put him on waiting lists for other preschools. No way, I was prepared in advance for this one!

I did not just spend 20 minutes scrubbing a frying pan, only to have the stupid handle break off of it once finished, rendering it completely useless.

I did not spend all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday in my pajamas, because I was too busy taking down Christmas decorations and reclaiming my living room to get dressed.

I do not have a play kitchen, kid size table, shopping cart, and baby doll highchair in my living room, turning it into a mini cafe. Of course I had room for all of the new toys, and didn't need to do some crazy arrangement. Oh, and I can DEFINITELY walk through Lexie's (play)room, without tripping over anything.

I have not slept in every single day this week. My kids do not sleep in, either. I am not already wondering how Dylan is going to adjust to waking up early for school.

On that note...what haven't you done this week?


  1. OMG I am CRACKIN' UP! I love it! TOTALLY prepared for snow...TOTALLY ;)

    Happy Not Me Monday!

  2. I have never jammed my kids into undersized snowgear to play in the snow either. ;)


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