Our Five Ring Circus: An unexpected visitor

Monday, January 5, 2009

An unexpected visitor

I don't get to see one of my best friend's very often anymore. We both lead busy lives, have conflicting schedules, and it's hard to coordinate a time to get together. I had a long day today, but was very excited to get her text, asking if she could stop by.

It's always wonderful to see her, and just talk about everything. We don't get to do that often enough. I haven't seen her since Dylan's birthday party in November, so we did our Christmas gift exchange. After the kids were busy with their books and floor puzzle that she and her hubby gave to them, we opened up our huge gift bag filled with yummy organic foods and homemade treats. Of course, we had to sample everything. ;)

We decided to watch some of the video footage of her wedding that I have yet to get transferred onto a DVD, even though the wedding was in May. We huddled over my tiny camcorder screen (why didn't I hook it up to our TV?) and relived her beautiful day, as my two monkeys jumped all over us.

It was a short, but oh so sweet visit with her. Hopefully, now that she's living closer to us, we'll be able to see her more.

Love you, Annie!!!

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