Our Five Ring Circus: 16 years ago, today...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

16 years ago, today...

...my childhood wish came true, and this guy came into my life.

Every year, I try to go visit Cherokee on our anniversary. Several years, I have been unable to get there, this year being one of them. As usual, the guilt consumes me, and I'm going to feel guilty until I can get to the stable to give him a big hug, and feed him many treats.

I seriously can't believe it's been 16 years! When I got him, I was just entering my teenage years. We grew up together. I essentially went from a young girl who only wanted to be with her horse, to a married woman, to a mom of two. When I go visit him, I expect to see that energetic, impish, young horse, and instead I'm greeted by a much older and slower version of his old self.

On the day Cherokee and I met, I told him that he would be with me forever. He found his way into my heart 16 years ago, and there he stays. Love you, buddy!

***Taking a picture of yourself with your horse, while the horse is trying to munch on your expensive camera, is not an easy task!


  1. That's what you get for having a carrot shaped camera! LoL J/K

    Happy anniversary! :)

  2. LOL, that's what you get for having a greedy horse who thinks everything is food!


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