Our Five Ring Circus: A realization

Friday, January 23, 2009

A realization

My house is overrun with toys.

But, guess what? I don't care.

Someday, those toys will be gone, and I will be missing them very much. I will be missing them, because it means my kids will be grown up and out of my house.

I have been struggling to find places to store all the new toys my kids have received. I realize we have entirely too many, thanks to my huge family so eager to spoil my children. I was trying to keep the kid's toys contained to just their rooms, so we could have toy-free living spaces. After spending weeks trying to organize, and move toys around, I gave up.


I realized today, that MY house is also Dylan and Lexie's house. They live here too. Yes, I may want a picture perfect living room, but that will come entirely too quickly. Anybody who visits my home knows I have children, and if they want to comment on the amount of toys laying around, so be it.

Someday, I will get my picture perfect house. For some reason, I'm not thinking it's all it's cracked up to be. I will be missing something very much: my kids living here.

So for now, I will embrace the kid's magnets on the refrigerator. I will embrace the bins of toys cluttering the floor of my coat closet. I will embrace the ride on toys parked in the hallway. I will embrace the bath baby doll (though very creepy looking) sitting on my bathroom sink. I will embrace the play kitchen, table and chairs, shopping cart, tea set, bounce and spin zebra, sit and spin, learning table, bunny chair, singing chair, little people town, rocking horse, stick horse, toy box, and drop and roar dinosaur hanging out in my living room. I will embrace the fact that there are days that I can't walk through my house without tripping every 3 seconds. I will embrace the fact that there are days I can't even walk through my kid's rooms.

I will embrace it, because fun, laughter, and joy live in this house.


  1. Well said! I've been trying to keep the toys around here contained too, but you're right - someday we will wish we still had toys all over our house!

  2. You make a great point. I'll try to remember that next time I'm dragging all of the toys back to the playroom because I can't stand them being out of "there" area.


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