Our Five Ring Circus: Weekending ~ Mad Science, Pony Rides and Dream Night at the Zoo

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekending ~ Mad Science, Pony Rides and Dream Night at the Zoo

I think I need a day off to recover from my weekend! Is anyone with me?!?

We had one of those weekends where every single moment was scheduled. It wasn't the least bit relaxing, but thankfully, it was a lot of fun!

Our Saturday started off early. I wasn't in the best mood because there was construction directly in front of our house from midnight until 5 AM.  I was not a happy camper after only 3 hours of sleep, but at least one of us was smiling!


Grant had to put in a few hours at the office (bummer) while I loaded the kids into the SUV and made the trek into the city for a morning birthday party at Mad Science of Pittsburgh. The kids had a great time!

Mad Science
Mad Science of Pittsburgh
Making Slime

Although the experiments were a lot of fun, I think their favorite part was the cotton candy!

Cotton Candy

Liam THOROUGHLY enjoyed his first cotton candy! I had to pry the empty paper cone out of his hand!


After the birthday party, we met up with Grant and headed to a graduation party!  My dad's cousin's son just graduated from high school. It was basically a family reunion where I grew up!

I always get nostalgic when I visit my childhood home.  The house is now gone, my grandma's home is completely remodeled, the pond is drained and everything is overgrown. The only thing that still exists is the creek where I spent countless hours of my childhood.

My three older kids joined our amazing cousin, Alex, for a stroll through that creek.


We had a great time with our family!

No weekend is complete without a visit with our horse!  As soon as we got there, Lexie tried again to convince me to take home a kitten (it still isn't working)!


The more time we spend with our horse, the more I want to buy a house with some property so we can keep a horse or two at our home.  I spent much of my childhood years at the stable and I love watching my kids get the same thrill. I always said I wanted to have my own little barn one day, and I REALLY hope it comes true! (Besides, boarding a horse is expensive!!! $250-$300 each month for 24 years? You do the math!)

Pony Rides

Dylan and Lexie don't really feel comfortable on horseback, but Lily is a natural. She really is my mini-me! 


The kids love visiting our horse!


See? Mini-me!


On Sunday, we attended the annual Dream Night at the Zoo.  This was our third year attending the invitation-only event at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. It's an event for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities and their families.

This year, Grant stayed home because he wasn't feeling well and Dylan had a sleepover to attend, so I took my great niece, Aubrey, with us.

As soon as we got there, we walked the "red carpet" with our favorite homie with an extra chromie.


Lily was thrilled to meet Rapunzel!


And Tinkerbell!


We all got to pet a giraffe.


We played at the Islands.


We hung out with a crocodile.


The girls had so much fun exploring the zoo while Liam enjoyed the view (and the snacks) from his stroller!


We had a great night with our guest of honor! 


Our weekend ended with a great episode of Game of Thrones AND with the Pittsburgh Penguins bringing home the Stanley Cup!

How was your weekend?



  1. I am totally with you on needing a recovery day. It looks like you guys had so much fun and stayed super busy. Hope your Monday is uneventful friend.

    1. This week is going to do me in with how much we have scheduled. I'm hoping to FINALLY get a little break on Saturday!

  2. How fun!! And yes, it feels like I could always use an extra day coming off any weekend. LOL

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
    Your horse is beautiful

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. The mad science event looks like so much fun. I love all the zoo photos. So cute. Sucks for the construction. Hopefully everyone is sleeping more.

  5. What a wonderful and bushy weekend! You truly got some gorgeous pictures to capture all the fun you had.

  6. I really need to venture over to the west side of the state. You guys always do such cool things - that Mad Science place looks awesome. And so does your zoo! Great photos!


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