Our Five Ring Circus: Camp Mom: Summer Activities for Kids

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Camp Mom: Summer Activities for Kids

Happy Summer! Camp Mom is still in session and the kids are having a blast!

Camp Mom Week One was a hit and the second week was every bit as fun!


Camp Mom Day Six: Teddy Bear Beach Party Jello Cups

This fun dessert was easy, adorable and delicious. The kids were involved in the assembly and happily devoured them when they were ready!

Teddy Bear Beach Party Jello Cups

I shared the full post HERE, but this is the list of items needed:
  •  Clear disposable cups
  • 3 boxes blue jello (makes 10 cups)
  • 8 graham crackers, crushed
  • Gummy Peach Rings
  • Teddy Grahams
Camp Mom Day Seven: Strawberry Picking

We had so much fun going strawberry picking with our friends!  It's an annual event for us. I love looking back at the pictures from previous years and seeing how much our kids grew! (Stay tuned for the full post in a few days!)

If you've never gone strawberry picking, I highly recommend taking your kids. It's so much fun!


Camp Mom Day Eight: Shaving Cream Twister

This quickly became the most favorite Camp Mom activity! We saved this activity for the day when I have 3 extra kids at my house. It was a stormy day, but we managed to fit this game in between storms. An added bonus? I hosed off the kids when we were done and baths were done for the night. BOOM!

Items Needed:
  • Twister
  • 3 cans shaving cream
  • Food coloring
  • 4 bowls and 4 serving spoons

  1. Empty shaving cream evenly into 4 separate bowls, add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl (use red, blue, yellow and green) and mix with spoons.
  2. Set up Twister board outdoors.
  3. Scoop a heaping spoonful of shaving cream onto each color-coordinated circle on the Twister board.
  4. Play according to the rules!

It's the same game...just messier!

Shaving Cream Twister

MUCH messier.


Give the toddlers the chance to try it, too!

Shaving Cream Twister

Thank goodness I could hose them off!

 Camp Mom Day Nine: Sticky Paper Murals

This activity is SO easy! All you need is contact paper, painter's tape and pretty much anything you can think of to stick to it. We opted for foam shapes!

Just stretch out some contact paper along the length of a wall, tape the edges and let the kids make a mural. If you stick it to a window and use plastic tiles, the sun shines through!


The setup is minimal, so the kids like to do this often. Lily was the only one who did this activity last week, but yesterday, the big girls and Liam got to enjoy it, too!


Camp Mom Day Ten: Straw Eiffel Towers

This was a craft that the girls really wanted to do, but it was a bit too in-depth for my liking! There was a lot of measuring, cutting and handing out involved and Lily required a lot of assistance. The girls were happy with the end result, though!


Items Needed:
  • Construction Paper
  • Plastic Drinking Straws
  • Scissors
  • Glue

I can't really give directions here. We just followed a picture and the girls did their best! (Here's the pin we used.)


And when they were done, there was a huge mess to clean up and hours spent waiting for glue to dry!


We stayed so busy this week. Between Camp Mom, Storytime, errands and outings, there was no time to do anything else!

Liam, however, was not impressed. When all else fails, just find a lone mud puddle and jump in! Obviously our week was not messy enough!

Muddy Puddles

My kids are loving Camp Mom and eagerly ask every single day what I have planned. We have so many weeks of fun ahead of us!

Coming up this week:
  • Ocean Water
  • A special outing
  • Water Balloon Pinatas
  • Squirt Gun Painting 
  • Soap Cloud Sensory Play
Visit us next week for the full recap!

What are your favorite Summer activities?


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  1. These are all so much fun. I love that you plan something for each day to change things up a bit and give the kids something to look forward to. Such great ideas. I love messy twister. You can tell the girls really got into it. Ha ha!

  2. Those after shave cream pictures are hilarious and I love the straw art too. Such fun ideas Stefanie!

  3. OMG, shaving cream Twister! Looked like the kids had a blast with that! Love it! And I especially love Liam playing in the mud puddle! Adorable!

  4. Shaving cream Twister?! That sounds like a blast for the adults to play, too! Haha. I bet that was so much fun!

  5. Love these ideas! Such great inspiration for a fun at home summer!

  6. Oh I just love all of your activities! It looks like everyone is enjoying themselves!

  7. You have got to be the most fun mom ever! I love the shaving cream twister idea. So fun! I've never been strawberry picking, but I just found out there's a blackberry farm near us & plan on checking it out soon. Yum! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  8. I have been so jealous of all the strawberry picking in the blogging world! My boys would love it, but unfortunately.... no strawberry fields here!

  9. I'm loving this!! I totally went out and bought straws yesterday because of you! Thanks for all the ideas - it looks like you guys are having so much fun!!!

  10. These are all such cute ideas!

  11. How awesome is this?! I especially love those teddy graham jello cups - how cute! I'm sharing this on social media and featuring it on Tuesday Talk this week. I just love it! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones


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