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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Kids Behind the Blog

Happy June!

I can't believe it's already June, school is out, Father's Day is coming up and Summer is just around the corner. Time flies!

I had so much fun linking up for The Kids Behind the Blog last month! I actually remembered to write my post on time this month. (Thank you, editorial calendar!) I know my blog readers see pictures of my kids almost every single day, but it's nice to share their thoughts on things, too. This is such a sweet series!

This month, in honor of Father's Day, it's all about dad! I loved hearing their answers, because they fit their ages and personalities quite well. Dylan's answers were to the point, Lexie spoke with so much enthusiasm, Lily giggled during the entire interview and Liam latched onto one word and kept repeating it!

Without further ado...

The Kids behind the Blog interview

What do you like doing with Daddy?

Dylan (Age 11)-"Watching YouTube with him."

Alexandria (Age 9)-"I like going to work with him!"

Liliana (Age 4)-"Playing with him!"

Liam (Age 2)-"Hi, Dada!"


What was Daddy like as a little boy?

Dylan-"A nice and funny troublemaker!" (Probably true!)

Lexie-"I think he was funny and cute!" (He was cute!)

Lily-"He liked watching TV." (I'm sure.)

Liam-"Bye, Dada. Bye."


What's Daddy's favorite food?

Dylan-"Steak and Mashed Potatoes." (Without a doubt.)

Lexie-"Spaghetti!" (Perhaps one of the favorites.)

Lily-"Chicken." (Eh. That's questionable.)

Liam-He answers by signing "eat." (This kid hears the word food and immediately thinks about his next meal!)


What does Daddy do at work?

Dylan-"He does mortgages."

Lexie-"Daddy does mortgages and gets emails!"

Lily-"He works with his friends."

Liam-Exclaims "Dada!" then makes a fart sound and laughs.  (Maybe, buddy. Maybe.)


What is your favorite memory of Daddy?

Dylan-"Whenever he and I stayed up really late one night to watch YouTube videos."

Lexie-"When me and daddy went to work together and I got to see his friends and help do his work!"

Lily-"I like watching TV with him!" (She's all about TV this month!)

Liam-Waves and says, "Hi, Dada! Hiiiiii!"

That's a wrap! Stay tuned for next month's interview!


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  1. Your Liam, he may be two, but he cracked me up. Lexie's answers, "and gets emails," that is funny. You have beautiful children. Enjoyed reading their answers. From the link up today.

    1. Thank you so much! Liam doesn't quite understand the questions yet, but he works so hard in Speech Therapy. I can't wait to hear his answers as he grows!

  2. I love how well they know Dad. Each grabbed hold of a certain thing and thought and really stuck with it. Dylan and youtube, lexie and going to work, lilly and tv. Ha ha! And Liam was just cracking me up. So dang cute.

    1. They really do! Liam had no idea what I was asking other than it involved Dada!

  3. Replies
    1. I doubt he understood what I was asking, but he knew it was all about dada!

  4. I love that a late night of YouTube watching was memorable for Dylan. It's really the simple things in life that kids remember most. I'm sure they laughed a lot that night.

    1. I'm sure they did! It really is all about the little things in life!

  5. This is so sweet!! I love the answers, but Liam's win! The fart noises won me over. ;)

    1. That made me laugh, too. I guess this is the age where fart noises become funny!

  6. Great answers! I love that Dylan called him a troublemaker, haha. And I love that Liam signed eat as soon as you mentioned food. He sounds like Mila - she's a bottomless pit!

    1. I have NO doubt that he was a troublemaker! Ha!
      Liam definitely loves his meals!

  7. Love how each kid had a different answer for everything! Don't you just love seeing what they really think. :)

  8. Oh goodness I hope you always link-up. I love the variety of answers you get and Liams answers are just the best. Hehe he!

    1. I wrote down next month on my editorial calendar! Otherwise, I would forget. Haha! I love this linkup!

  9. I can't wait for the day when I get to ask both my girls questions :) I love these answers.

  10. I love that you included Liam's answers... Too cute!

  11. I've loved all the answers about what Dad does at work! "Candy Crush, talks with friends, tells people what to do, etc..." the best!

  12. How cool to have each kid answer and see how different their answers are! I'm guessing your son like YouTube! Myles loves to watch those toy egg surprises and grown ups play with toys? It's weird so I limit it a lot, but he enjoys it lol!


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