Our Five Ring Circus: The Last Day

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Last Day

We are officially on summer vacation!

Dylan and Lexie had their last day of school on Friday.  It's hard to believe that the school year already came to an end.  Their year in Kindergarten and 2nd Grade flew by!

The night before their last day,  they were super excited!

 photo 048-12.jpg
 photo 043-9.jpg

They were just as excited when they woke up that morning!

 photo 050-14.jpg

Before we knew it, it was time for them to go to their last day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade!

 photo 056-9.jpg
 photo 057-9.jpg
  photo 070-9.jpg
 photo 059-7.jpg
 photo 069-6.jpg
 photo 067-5.jpg
 photo 072-11.jpg
 photo 073-11.jpg
 photo 075-5.jpg

After that quick photo session, the bus rounded the corner, and off to school they went!

A few hours later, I picked up my Kindergarten graduate!

 photo 015-15.jpg
 photo 016-9.jpg
 photo 017-15.jpg

What better way to celebrate the last day of school than a playdate with friends at McDonald's?

 photo 006-11.jpg
 photo 004-18.jpg

After our playdate, Dylan arrived home from school.

 photo 018-19.jpg
 photo 021-11.jpg

And just like that, I had a 1st Grader and a 3rd Grader!

Dylan and Lexie immediately commented about how they would really miss their teachers and friends, but I think they're very excited for summer!  I admit, I am, too!

We didn't really have a chance to relax at all!  Within an hour of getting home, Dylan had a baseball practice and game!  My great-niece came along to play with Lexie and my sister and 2 of my nephews came to watch the game.

 photo 037-13.jpg
 photo 046-10.jpg
 photo 029-6.jpg

We made sure to kick off summer after the game!  We all headed to Dairy Queen for a delicious treat.  With that, summer was in full swing!

It's amazing how much they have grown in 9 short months!

 photo firstday.jpg
  photo 071-7.jpg
 photo 066-8.jpg
 photo 064-9.jpg

In 3 even shorter months, I'll be sending them off to school again.  This time, Lexie will be gone all day, too.  Watching them grow is bittersweet.  I'm going to treasure this summer with them!

Congratulations on a great year in school, Dylan and Lexie!  You both made us so proud!  Enjoy your summer!!!

 photo 074-5.jpg


  1. Yay, summertime! My kids just asked me this morning if we were going to go to Foster's Freeze like the last day of school last year. They have 4 more days!!!!

  2. No doubt they have a lot of fun ahead of them!

  3. I always take a first day picture, but not a last day! I need to do that. Hey, what is the name of that braided necklace your son is wearing? I've seen them everywhere and would love to get my son one. Etsy?

  4. I love all the pictures! the ones of them together are adorable!!

  5. Yay! We are so glad for summer too. Although, I planned to have soooo much extra time on my hands and yours is the first blog I've read in at least a week! :(
    I totally love Lexie's hair short like that. I'm thinking Avery may need a good summer cut!

  6. aww how cute! my kids last day is tomorrow... they do grow up so soon, sad but good!

    Claudia @ www.prettylittledahlia.com

  7. Love their excited faces haha

  8. Wow what a difference 9 months makes! They look so much older! Enjoy your summer!

  9. They are so adorable together! sibling love is the sweetest

  10. So cute! I can't believe this school year is already over!?! CRAZY!!

  11. Great photos!! Happy summer!!!


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