Our Five Ring Circus: Monthly Happenings

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monthly Happenings

I am doing a fantastic job with my 365 project this year (note my sarcasm).   At the rate I'm going, this may just end up being a monthly feature! 

Week 20

May 14th

Dropped Lexie off at school for her field trip to a local orchard, took Dylan to a dentist appointment, picked up some Dunkin Donuts, dropped Dylan off at school, picked Lexie up from school, dropped girls off at my friend's house, and went to Dylan's Mother's Day Tea at school.  I loved spending time with just him!

 photo IMG_20130514_154120.jpg
 photo Lexie.jpg
 photo 014-15.jpg

May 15th

After school, I took Lexie to get her hair cut SHORT then to gymnastics.  That evening, our friends dropped their son off to sleep over because they were going on a trip early the next morning.

 photo 011-12.jpg
  photo 025-20.jpg
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May 16th

I drove the kids to school, spent the morning at home, picked Lexie and Jack up from Kindergarten, and then we went to the park.  The rest of the day was spent at home and the kids got to play until Jack's grandparents picked him up.

 photo 065-6.jpg
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 photo 066-11.jpg

May 17th

It was the 14th anniversary of Grant and I getting engaged!  I picked Lexie up from school and we spent the day/evening visiting my parents.  My dad got Dylan and Aubrey off their buses and brought them to his house.  That evening, Aubrey spent the night at our house.

 photo 069-7.jpg
 photo 001-16.jpg
 photo 004-19.jpg

May 18th

Dylan had an early afternoon baseball game.  Later that afternoon, we went to a friend's house for a cookout.

 photo 023-20.jpg
 photo 015-16.jpg
 photo 011-13.jpg

May 19th

Dylan had a morning baseball practice.  The rest of the day was spent at home.

 photo 025-21.jpg

May 20th

The last Monday of the school year!  After Dylan and Lexie headed to school, Lily and I spent an hour outside, enjoying the gorgeous weather.  She played while I sipped my hot tea.  Spent the rest of the morning cleaning and did a half hour treadmill workout.  Picked Lexie up from school, took the girls to the park for a few minutes, stopped at the grocery store, then headed home for lunch.  That evening, after Aubrey went home, Dylan had a baseball game.kl

 photo 030-9.jpg
 photo 059-9.jpg
 photo 060-5.jpg
 photo 023-21.jpg
 photo 016-10.jpg
 photo 040-7.jpg

May 21st

Grant had a Father's Day Tea at Dylan's school, so he went into work late.  We just had our typical Tuesday park/library visit, followed by an evening at home.

 photo 043-11.jpg
 photo 047-10.jpg

May 22nd

Lily and I went to the lab for my early morning Glucose test.  It is so difficult drinking the glucose drink and keeping it down with morning sickness, but I managed...just barely!  Grant put the kids on the bus, and Dylan had his field trip to the zoo.  Later that morning, I picked Lexie up from school early, and we went to my 24 week OB appointment.  Ran some errands, had some lunch at McDonald's, took Lexie to gymnastics, then came home.  That evening, Dylan had a baseball game.  Halfway through, a storm came in, so the game was called.  We ended up stopping by our friend's house for dinner.

 photo 063-6.jpg
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 photo 067-7.jpg

May 23rd

I drove Dylan and Lexie to school, and spent the morning volunteering at Lexie's field day.  It was a lot of fun! The best part was watching Lexie's class kick butt at tug of war followed by a game of tug of war against the kids:  Lexie's class and another class versus the two teachers and the class moms that were there!  40 Kindergarteners are STRONG and they won!  The rest of the day was spent at home.

 photo 002-16.jpg
 photo 011-14.jpg
 photo 018-21.jpg

May 24th

I watched Aubrey after my kids went to school, because she had the day off of school. Meanwhile, Dylan was having his World Record Day (like field day) at school, and his class kicked butt! We picked Lexie up after Kindergarten, then spent the afternoon visiting my parents.  That evening, all 3 big kids spent time with my dad while my mom, Lily, and I went shopping.  We had dinner with my parents before heading home for the night. 

 photo 003-13.jpg
 photo 002-17.jpg

May 25th

We had a pretty relaxing day.  That evening, Amber and Rex came to dinner.  When they left, Dylan went home with them for a sleepover.   This was the only day this year that I forgot to take a picture of Dylan.  I admit, I felt bad!

 photo 006-12.jpg
 photo 007-13.jpg

May 26th

We spent the afternoon celebrating Aubrey's 7th Birthday at her birthday party.  When we left, Lexie stayed there for a birthday sleepover.

 photo 037-12.jpg
 photo 041-9.jpg
 photo 058-6.jpg

May 27th

Happy Memorial Day!  The weather was crappy, but we still had a fun indoor picnic at Amber's house with a big group of friends!

 photo 075-4.jpg
 photo 093-5.jpg
 photo 095-7.jpg

May 28th

The last Tuesday of the school year!  We had a typical school day and a quiet evening at home!

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 photo 017-17.jpg
  photo 015-17.jpg

May 29th 

The last Wednesday of the school year!  Gymnastics after Kindergarten and an evening baseball game! 

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  photo 037-14.jpg
May 30th

That morning, Lily and I ran errands, then dropped off the class gift to Lexie's teacher.  Lexie was super excited to see me, and the class performed their end of the year celebration songs for me.  I'm so glad I got to see it, since parents aren't invited to the last day of school celebration!  Lexie got to leave early with me, so we went to visit my parents for the afternoon.  After school, Dylan and Aubrey joined us, and we left shortly after dinner.  I didn't get to see Grant at all because he went to the Pirates game with some friends from work.  The kids were so excited that it was the LAST school night of the year!

 photo 046-12.jpg
 photo 041-10.jpg
 photo 040-8.jpg

May 31st

The LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  The kids had a great day, and they were super excited about summer vacation starting!  Amber and I picked Jack and Lexie up from school and we met Steph and Lily at McDonald's for an end of the year celebratory lunch. That evening, Dylan had a baseball game, so Aubrey came with us, and my sister and my two nephews met us there.  We celebrated the start of summer with a trip to Dairy Queen after the game!

 photo 064-9.jpg
 photo 006-11.jpg
 photo 037-13.jpg
June 1st 

The first day of summer vacation! Dylan had a baseball game that morning, and that evening, we went to Rex's birthday party.  It was fun spending time with friends!  Dylan ended up spending the night and Grant stayed, so the girls and I had a slumber party at home!

 photo 080-5.jpg

June 2nd

Dylan had an early afternoon baseball practice, then we visited Grant's family for a few hours.  That evening, my parents came over to watch the kids while we went out to eat for Rex's birthday.  It was nice getting out with our friends and being able to enjoy a meal without being interrupted!

  photo 089-7.jpg
 photo 087-6.jpg

June 3rd

Summer vacation was off to a great start!  I took the kids to an ice cream social at the library, and they got to pick out some books.  We went home and got Aubrey off her bus.  We spent the rest of the evening at home.

  photo 011-15.jpg


June 4th

I took the kids to storytime at the library, then we had a playdate at the park with Jocie and her boys.  We went home to get Aubrey off the bus, and spent the rest of the day at home.

 photo 016-11.jpg
 photo 015-18.jpg

June 5th

My parents came over and my dad stayed to watch Lily while my mom, Dylan, and I went to Lexie's end of the year Gymnastics show.  It was so much fun watching her show off her skills, and I could barely hold the tears back!  That evening, Dylan had a baseball game.

 photo 076-6.jpg
 photo 077-6.jpg
 photo 087-7.jpg

June 6th

We spent all day at home, and Dylan's baseball game ended up being canceled due to rain.

 photo 004-20.jpg
 photo 001-17.jpg
 photo 003-14.jpg

June 7th

After getting Aubrey off the bus, we all went to visit my parents.  That evening, my mom, Lily, Dylan, and I went shopping.  After dinner, we came home, and Aubrey ended up spending the night.

 photo 002-18.jpg
 photo 004-21.jpg

June 8th

We spent most of the day at home.  That evening, Dylan had a baseball game.  Jack got dropped off to join us and my sister, Jen, and her family came to the game.  Afterward, Amber and Rex stopped by our house to hang out, and Dylan ended up going home with them for a sleepover. 

 photo 007-14.jpg
 photo 014-17.jpg
 photo 024-16.jpg
 photo 025-22.jpg

June 9th

Grant took Dylan to baseball practice, while I picked my mom up from work and drove her home.  We all met at Grant's mom's house and spent the afternoon visiting her and Nannie.  We brought some new patio furniture home, set it up, then had a nice dinner together.  That evening, all three kids had a sleepover in Dylan's room.

 photo 028-11.jpg
 photo 029-7.jpg

June 10th

It was the first real day of summer vacation for ALL the kids.  Aubrey will be spending Mondays-Fridays at our house, so it was the first day with her here.  It rained all day, but we managed to play outside for a few minutes. It cleared up in the late afternoon, but Dylan's baseball game ended up being canceled.

  photo 039-10.jpg
 photo 033-18.jpg
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  1. HOW in the world do you know what you did 3 weeks ago?!?! I love the photo album in Lily's crib so sweet! Excited to add some play dates to your weekly agenda!

  2. Great pictures! The one of Lily with you dog is too cute! I love all the ones where she naps on him too!

  3. Cutest pics. I love all of their outfits :) Best dressed kids I know!

  4. these are awesome pics!! Your kids are super adorable and cute

    Claudia @ www.prettylittledahlia.com

  5. I LOVE Lexie's hair that length. It really accentuates her eyes. And Lily's hair is getting so long! Wow.

    We keep trying to get Jack to cut his hair for the summer, but he refuses. Nick is also growing his hair out now too.


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