Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Kelly,  Megan,and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

This is my absolute favorite link up and I'm so excited to be the guest host this week!  I love participating in this fun blog hop every week, and checking out all the cute tots!


Lily has tons of clothes, but I couldn't pass this dress up on Friday.  It was only $9.99 at TJ Maxx, and thanks to it being the next size up, she will be able to wear it next summer, too! 


Dress: Nannette
Shoes: Bare Hugs
Headband and Flower Clip:  Girls Crochet Headbands


Lexie likes to shop for her own clothing and pick out her outfits for the day.  I'm happy she still prefers dresses and skirts!

024 copy
028 copy

Shirt:  Lydia Jane
Skirt: The Children's Place
Sandals:  Josmo


Dylan can be found in athletic clothing and playing baseball pretty much all the time these days!  He picks his own clothes every day, but I can't complain.  At least he matches!!!


{Baby #4}

Although we do not know the gender of this baby, I felt bad that we didn't have any newborn boy clothing for summer.  I got one of those free gift cards from Kohl's, so we purchased something last week!  And if it IS another girl?  No big deal...at least the romper was free!

Carter's Striped Crab Polo Romper - Baby

Last week's Tot of the Week is Ava!  How cute is she?!?

 Why don't you join in on the fun, and link up a post featuring your little cutie(s)?

*Trendy Tot Tuesday is a chance to talk about kid’s style, and pretty much anything goes.  Pictures of your cutie, talking about their style (that you buy and dress them in, ahem!), a Polyvore board, linking to the new kid’s line at the Gap – anything!  All ages welcome, from you sweet pregnant mamas stocking up a closet to the teenagers that probably pick all their own stuff out now.

*This is a hop-style link up – please follow your hosts (KellyLindsay and Megan) – we are in spots 1-3, and your guest host.  Also, jump around to meet other bloggers!  We hope everyone gains some new followers from this link-up and finds some fabulous new blogs!

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    1. Okay...

      1. You are a pro at getting your kids to pose. I am totally jealous! haha


      2. Lily's outfit is OMGGGGGGGG amazingly cute1! I love it...the ruffles made my heart skip a beat hahaha


      Love seeing you dress up your kids and I only wished we lived closer so we could be real life friends lol

      Kate @ Raising the Rogers

    2. Cute!!

      Kohls is a great place to buy baby clothes when you don't know the gender, b/c they take *anything* back, no time limit. So I know a lot of people who buy a wardrobe for both genders, and then just return the gender they don't need after the baby is born!

    3. Great outfits! Love Lily's dress and those sandals are adorable!

    4. Lily's outfit is just too darn cute!

    5. Love seeing what your kids are wearing, especially your son since there aren't a lot of boys on the Trendy Tot Tuesday posts. Such cuties!

    6. Cute outfits. We have a similar romper for Luke, but I went with the darker (navy) blue and the alligator instead of the crab. ;-)

    7. Thanks for guest hosting! LOVE that pink outfit, so cute and girly! And the sandals match perfectly! TJ MAX for 10 bucks?! Get outta town! I never have any luck there. And totally agree, your kids were born to be models! :o)

    8. You have some stylish kiddos! How do you get them to pose? Ha!

    9. Liliana's dress is so cute! Gotta love a good TJ Maxx find. And how nice that your older kiddos can pick out their own cute clothes. Congrats on baby #4!

    10. Liliana's dress is amazing. I always love a good find at TJ! I love that your older kiddos can dress themselves in cute outfits. Now that's some good training! Congrats on baby #4. Super exciting!


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