Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I am linking up with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Summer is in full swing here in PA!  We have already had some HOT days!  I admit, I love this weather.  I also love the clothes!


I love babies and toddlers in sunsuits and bubbles.  There's just something so adorable about those chunky legs showing!  This is the last year Lily will be able to get away with them, so I'm taking full advantage!

 photo 029-6.jpg

Sunsuit:  Carter's
Shoes: Stepping Stones
*Headband from dollar store and flower clip from Etsy.


Lexie has been frustrating me while picking out her clothes.  She is already so picky that it drives me crazy!   Dresses are honestly just easier!!!   She chose this one for her last day of school.  It was a gift from my mom for her birthday and I LOVE it! The back is my favorite part. The shoulders are ribbon that knot in the back and tie in a big bow!

 photo 059-7.jpg

Dress: Jelly the Pug
Sandals:  Laura Ashley


Dylan definitely prefers athletic clothing now, but he still wears preppy stuff.  I'm secretly happy about that!  He wore this for the last day of school:

 photo 072-11.jpg

Shirt:  Urban Pipeline
Shorts: Request
Shoes: Nike


  1. I totally agree about bubble/sunsuits....and rompers!!!

    I just love Lexi`s dress.

    My nephew that is 10 is the same as D he only wears athletic stuff too

  2. Lexie's dress is adorable!!!

  3. Oooh, I love the back of A's dress! So pretty and unique!

  4. I can't WAIT to see how cute #4 is going to be. Your kiddos are just adorable. I so miss the bubbles on Avery! One main reason why I needed another girl. Lol. My boys are all about the sports clothes too. I hate it. I have to fuss to get them to wear a polo anymore!

  5. Your little ones are too cute! Oh how I miss my little girls chunky legs! She's so tall and slim now!

  6. All three of them ~ BEAUTIFUL as always!!

  7. Cute clothes! We have that same Jelly the Pug dress (I think)...found it at TJ Maxx of all places! :) I had no idea about that link up - can't wait to do it sometime soon! I always try to make sure my kids look cute and then I'm in my standard mom suit of some type of workout clothes :) I always say I am going to step it up a notch, but I want to be ready to work out when I can - oh well! :)

  8. LOVE the Jelly the Pug dress! Every time they come up on Zulily I debate ordering---I really need to one of these days!

  9. cute kiddos!!! (duh)

    I love love love Lexie's hair cut - makes me want to cut Audrey's shorter honestly!!! Also, LOVE that dress on her.


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