Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tot Tuesday

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

 I am linking up for the first time for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay!

One thing I absolutely love shopping for is clothes for my kids!  I've been a mom for 8 years, and 3.5 kids later, I still insist on them looking put together when we are out in public! 

Lily gets dressed up almost every day, unless we aren't planning on leaving the house.  I buy a ton of "frou-frou" dresses.  I can't wait for the weather to warm up so she can start wearing them again!  

Today, we're going to have a playdate at the library.  It's cold out, plus it's supposed to snow.  As much as I love her knee-high winter boots, I hope this is the last time she has to wear them!!!  Lily's entire outfit today, with the exception of the tights, belonged to Lexie. 

 photo 4725338f-01a2-4d68-8777-03cbb91b0818.jpg

Jumper and Shirt:  Youngland (Kohl's)
Tights: Target
Boots:  Carter's
Hair Clips: Found at WalMart

Lexie is starting to choose her own outfits. She used to wear dresses every single day, but we had to change that habit in Kindergarten this year. She still hates jeans, but she will wear leggings with "cool" shirts.  She also loves to wear really fancy dresses.  Lexie would wear summer clothes year-round if she could!  She is a sundress and sandals type of girl, and is not a fan of winter clothing!

 photo 4baf319d-bff3-4bc0-aee6-945afacbb5b1.jpg

Shirt:  Carter's
Skirt:  Sonoma (Kohl's)
Tights:  Circo (Target)

I still buy most of Dylan's clothes, but he picks them out every day.  I used to love dressing him in adorable, preppy outfits, but now that he's 8, the selection of clothing is pretty boring!  His winter style consists of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, whether it be a tee-shirt, layered tee, polo, sweater, or button-down.

 photo e376fb8c-ae00-462a-a71e-5d9d7bfe22f5.jpg

Layered Shirt:  Sonoma (Kohl's)
Jeans:  The Children's Place

With Baby #4, we're not planning on finding out the gender again...GASP!  We haven't found out with any of our children, and honestly, I love the surprise.  Contrary to popular to belief, it's easy to prepare, even if you don't know the gender! 

After having a boy and two girls, I now know what clothing brands hold up and the styles that I like.  I kept all my favorite boy clothing and girl clothing that was in perfect condition, so we have a lot! As soon as the baby is born, my awesome family goes on a shopping spree, so by the time we come home from the hospital, we are set with clothing! 

I'm torn.  I would love to be able to pull out some of Dylan's adorable baby clothing, but we have so many adorable outfits for a girl!  Either way, I can't wait to dress a tiny newborn again!!!


  1. yay! Im so glad you linked up!!!

    As you know I ALWAYS love everything your kiddos wear!!!

  2. My son is 9 and I still pick out his clothes. I've been giving him a little more freedom lately but until he shows me he can go out in public without lookin' like a hobo I'll pick out his clothes until he's 20 if need be!

  3. I'm the same, although my daughter tries very hard to dress herself and while I let her at times, I also feel it's my job to teach her what matches and what doesn't. LOL

  4. I love that little dress and those boots are adorable too! I know how ya feel about the cold weather thing! I'm ready for spring! Welcome to a fun link up! :o)

  5. i love Lily's pig tails :) And even though Lexi is dressing herself these days I'd say she is doing a great job!

    We are glad you joined us today and hope you will link up again next week!

  6. Too cute. I love Lilly's boots

  7. so fun! Those boots in the first pic are adorable!!!! love them

  8. Love those boots!!! I always thought dressing a girl would be so fun!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  9. All three of your babies look fabulous!! I especially love Lily's outfit!!

  10. New follower from the link up, such cute kiddos & congrats on number 4 on the way :)

  11. Such cuties! I love all the outfits!

  12. So great that you are linking up with this b/c I'm always impressed with how fashionably your kids are dressed! You define trendy! :)

  13. You have some very trendy kiddos! You are brave not finding out the gender of baby #4! We found out with my first and then were surprised by the second. IF there is a third, I want to know so I can finally get rid of a bunch of clothes/toys for at least one of the genders!

  14. Stylish kids, love all the choices:)

  15. Yay I'm glad you aren't finding out the surprise is the best! We aren't finding out either (all our friends are upset with us but oh well). I hope you are feeling a little better.

  16. Such cute kiddos and I love what all of them are wearing!! Congrats on Baby #4!! SOO fun!

  17. Always adorable! For Dylan's sake I hope it's a boy. ;) Either way it will be fantastic. Squeee!!!

  18. Your kids are so cute! I especially love Lily's dress. Thank you for linking up with us, I am a new follower!


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