Our Five Ring Circus: The Pathetic Happenings of Week Nine

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Pathetic Happenings of Week Nine

When I left off last Monday, Lexie had just come home from school, after throwing up on the bus.  Little did I know that it would lead to Dylan and Lexie being really sick and home from school all week. Which meant that we didn't leave the house until Friday!  It also resulted in a day of illness for Lily and two days of misery for me!

I think Dylan had the actual flu.  He had cold symptoms, a cough, and diarrhea, along with a very high fever.  He had chills and body aches, and spent the week sleeping. Lexie had similar symptoms, but she threw up about 3 times over the course of the week.  I thought Dylan was feeling better on Thursday evening, then he threw up twice in the middle of the night! Luckily, Lily managed to escape with just two diarrhea diapers one day.  I, however, got the pukes, stomach pains, and fever in addition to already having horrible morning sickness.

I have to say, I was happy when this week came to an end!


The big kids stayed home from school due to being sick.  Spent entire day at home.

 photo 011-5.jpg
  photo 004-9.jpg
  photo 003copy.jpg


The big kids stayed home from school due to being sick.  Spent entire day at home.

  photo dd97ee62-2e35-4902-9fb1-5b3f1dfadf56.jpg
  photo 53762355-4c43-447e-b0ab-aaa8c9f01882.jpg
 photo 7ffe5637-eaec-43d3-b86d-f605cc419e65.jpg


 The big kids stayed home from school due to being sick.  Spent entire day at home.  Notice a trend???  This was the day I got sick, too.

 photo 7a8b86bf-8d17-43e0-b392-10e6bb8efc5b.jpg


We finally got a chance to leave the house. I had some stuff to do, so we went to visit my parents.  The sick kids stayed with my dad while I did some shopping with Lily and my mom.  I was still feeling feverish and achy, but managed to get everything done.  It was just a short visit, but Dylan and Lexie were exhausted by the time we got home.

 photo d8aed8bd-895d-4391-939d-17fcd084cde5.jpg
 photo 7b6e85e2-902f-4e72-b8b2-9d0b547cc586.jpg
 photo 9549c464-4821-4034-85a2-7cc72557b9fb.jpg


Dylan and Lexie were still under the weather, so Lily and I went to a birthday party for one of her toddler buddies, while they stayed home with Grant.  We just had a laid back evening at home.  Lily went to bed early due to a short nap, and the big kids had a sleepover in Lexie's room.

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  photo cc9a510c-6daa-4f63-8da2-e59903fccf1c.jpg
  photo 8f921a67-e464-471c-b6df-1d7976003e52.jpg


We spent the morning/afternoon at home.  The kids were feeling much better, so we had a big brunch. That evening we went to a friend's house for dinner.  We came home early so the kids could get to bed and be ready to head back to school the next day!

 photo 0e3c2803-94ba-42de-865e-358221ac74ea.jpg
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 photo bff140cf-889c-4002-80ec-e0fd180f8cbd.jpg


Life went back to normal.  Dylan and Lexie were able to return to school.  Lily ended up falling asleep just before we had to leave to pick Lexie up, so my sweet friend offered to pick her up.  When she dropped her off, she had food for us all for lunch.  We ate together and visited for a bit before they left.  Once Dylan got home from school, we did a lot of homework and worked on his science fair project.  The rest of the evening was the typical rush.  We put the kids to bed after dinner, and hung out until bedtime.

 photo 85538a6b-0214-49e2-83f2-bc863e7ebd58.jpg
 photo 4ceca919-c644-4ff2-9c20-ffc2041fc150.jpg
 photo 925ba101-c76d-4e9a-959f-3ff4247e6f5c.jpg

I am so happy everybody is healthy again!!!


  1. Sounds like a very rough week. Ugh!!

  2. That sounds like a nightmare week!!! I'm so glad you guys are finally feeling better!

  3. Goodness, glad the kiddos were ready to get back to school!

  4. I'm glad you are all feeling better! :)

  5. What a week!! So glad that's over and everyone is better - phew!! Suddenly I feel like I should be able to keep up with my life since you can keep up with yours!!

  6. I think we all need the sun to shine & some good ol' vitamin D!
    I'm so glad you are all well again!

  7. Awts! :( Glad to hear that everyone is better now.

  8. Im so sorry for droppin by so late! Happy belated birthday cutiepie!

  9. What a loooong week! I am glad the kids were feeling better by the end of the week! Sick kids are exhausting!

  10. I know you are glad that week is over! His science fair project looks like fun!


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