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Thursday, March 14, 2013

On My Mind

Just a few thoughts...

...Poor Lexie has had a tough year with being sick and missing school.  It's not that she gets sick often.  It's that when she gets sick, she gets REALLY sick and ends up missing an entire week.  The first week was when her PapPap passed away and she had a virus at the same time.  Then she got the flu 2 weeks ago.  Both of the weeks she missed were fun weeks at her school where they wear special outfits and have assemblies and field trips.  I feel so bad that she had to miss all that!

...Greek Yogurt.  I finally gave in and tried it on a whim.  Wow.  That stuff is AWFUL.  When I started asking people if they wanted what I bought, they all refused, stating that they hated it, too!  I asked about 20 different people.  So I'm wondering if this is just a trend that everybody has to jump on and pretend to like because it's hip? Let me add that two of my kids that love yogurt and will eat anything also disliked it! If you do like it, kudos to you!  I could barely get past the sour smell.

...I never schedule posts.  The only time I did was last year when I went on summer vacation.  I prefer to keep my writing current.

...They took away overtime at Grant's work, so he no longer has to work that extra hour every day.  Which means he gets home at 6 instead of 7!  I have a feeling they may reinstate it, though.

...That being said, I'm gearing up for a solo baseball season with Dylan, depending on the times of his practices and games.  A very sick and pregnant me plus a bored 6 year old plus an active toddler all while trying to watch Dylan play is going to be draining!  I've got the shopping with three thing down pat, but this offers a new set of challenges.  I'm thinking a pack and play may be involved for my sanity!

...Dylan's science fair is on Tuesday, and he has to put his entire project together.  To be honest?  I can't wait until that's over!

...We are debating between a full-size SUV and a minivan.  I prefer an SUV, but there are so many perks to a minivan!  I'm going to have 4 kids, so I guess me driving a minivan wouldn't be too surprising!

...I'm going to be 15 weeks tomorrow and we're going to get to "see" our sweet baby soon.  I seriously can't wait!


  1. Ok, I have to admit, I totally LOVE greek yogurt. I didn't at first though. I tried it three or four times and now I have one everyday! I think it is an acquired taste but I could definitely see with your hyperemesis why it might bother you!

    So excited you get to see your baby soon!

  2. Graham's been home sick all week too. I can't complain too much as it's his first illness this season, but it is a bummer for him to miss school. At least we can have Disney marathon, cookie baking, and PJ dance parties though. :)

  3. Oh, and we use a bit of greek yogurt in place of sour cream sometimes. I couldn't imagine eating it as yogurt. Blech!

  4. Blah, I don't like any kind of yogurt! And please send me tips for the baseball games... my 4 year old starts preschool tonight and I am already wondering what I am going to do with my pregnant self and my Bennett who is going to be really annoyed that he is not invited to play. All the practices are too early to make this a daddy duty!

  5. Awe poor Lexie

    Gah, I hate Greek yogurt too, it is really chalky tasting

    I used to schedule posts but lately haven't

    My sister LOVES her minivan

    I can't believe your going to be 15 weeks already!

  6. Everything seems to bittersweet in life.. sucks that he doesn't get the overtime, but at least he is home earlier. I can't wait to see what you are having.. I'm thinking it's a boy!

  7. I hate flavored Greek yogurt, however I use the plain all the time. I use it in smoothies and we do not buy sour cream any more- only Greek. I have a van. I said I'd never have a van, but with three in carseats and a 90 lb dog it is so nice! We just got a VW Routan and I secretly love it. Shhhhhhh. Good luck with baseball season... Sounds interesting.

  8. I like greek yogurt but not too often and I like to mix in some granola.

  9. We went from a 'mini' suv to a van. I miss my suv dearly, but my van is fantastic. Especially the automatic doors! Best of luck with baseball season! We start Saturday!!

  10. A mini van would probably be easier than an SUV with a 3rd row huh? They are so much nicer than they used to be!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  11. Okay, I really like Greek yogurt. In fact, I much prefer it to regular yogurt. I like Honey flavored. We finished our science fair today. Whew! It was fun but I am ready for some good ol' book work instead of heavy projects!

  12. I have never had greek yogurt before and don't think I will bother trying it now.
    And oh good luck with baseball practice, we are in soccer practice now three days a week with two practices on Monday (one for each of my oldest)-- and yea it definitely gets old quickly.

    There are a lot of great things about a minivan- one being that you don't have to worry about your kid slamming the door into the car parked next to you :)

  13. I tried Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt and not a fan. The kids don't mind it though. I vote for the mini van! I LOVE my Dodge Caravan. The boys sit in the middle and the girls in the way back. I don't have any space in the "trunk" after my double stroller in there but I have a wide space next to the boys' row that can hold a full shopping trip. :) I would recommend something that has doors on both sides. I don't have to climb into the car to get Noah in on his side. :)

  14. A loves Greek yogurt! She eats it right up!!

    I adore my Forester but we don't need a van - I bet you would appreciate it's family-friendly features! I'm so far behind you probably already bought one!!


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