Our Five Ring Circus: The Little Scientist

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Little Scientist

This year was the first year Dylan could participate in the Science Fair at his school.  It is voluntary and non-competitive, and he decided to join in!

I helped him choose a fairly simple project: Can plants drink anything but water?  We bought 4 primrose plants.  Every day he watered one with water, one with orange juice, one with milk, and one with soda. 

Last night was the big event.  He was so excited and proud to share his project!

004 copy

There were several scientists from University of Pittsburgh wandering around, and Dylan got to explain his project to several of them.

007 copy

It was a long evening for Grant, the girls, and I, but it was worth it to see Dylan so happy!


I will admit that I had pregnancy brain.  I took all the pictures in manual, but completely forgot to change the settings at the science fair.  So I shot the entire event on the last settings I used, which was for ice on the trees.  Fail!  Thank goodness several of the pictures turned out decent!

Dylan had lots of support from his sisters, his Grandma and Nannie, and some close friends!

008 copy
009 copy

We were so proud of our little man!

010 copy

The evening ended with a brief awards ceremony.  Dylan was so excited to get a trophy for his hard work!

016 copy

Great job, Dylan!


In case you were wondering, Dylan found that water is the best liquid to use to nourish a plant.  The plants watered with milk, juice, and soda didn't die, but they didn't grow and they were starting to wilt.  Plus, the plant watered with milk smelled horrible!  The plant watered with water grew to be 3 times the size of the other plants! 


  1. What a great experiment!
    Plants are like us, I guess! They need water!
    Way to go, Dylan!

  2. How fun! Good job Dylan!
    Love reading about your kids and their love of learning!@

  3. What a great project idea! *and yes I was wondering what the result was :)
    I think your pictures are still fabulous Congrats to your scientist!

  4. I LOVE this. Great job Dylan! I think it's wonderful that he has such supportive parents and family, you guys rock.

    And I love the family pic with Lily trying to get away, so funny :)

  5. Wow! That was amazing! Great job Dyl!

  6. That is great! I am just dying thinking about the smell of the plant watered with milk. Ew!

  7. What a cool project!! He looks so proud!

  8. What an awesome experiment!! I'm glad you shared the results - It was hard to wait that long. Lol!


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