Our Five Ring Circus: 16 Weeks With Baby #4

Friday, March 22, 2013

16 Weeks With Baby #4

DATE: March 22, 2013

How far along:
16 Weeks!

Total Weight Gained:
None.  Still in the losing process.

How big is baby?  Baby #4 is about the size of an avocado. He/She is 4.5 inches long (head to rump) and weighs 3.5 ounces.

How baby is growing
: Baby #4's legs are much more developed, and the eyes have moved closer to the front of the head. The ears are close to their final position, too.  (From babycenter.com.)

Maternity Clothes: None. I had to start using a belt with my regular jeans, because they slip down my hips.

Sleep: I'm sleeping fairly well at night, but I do wake up with bad headaches a few mornings a week.  Sometimes, I still feel like I need a daily nap to make it through the day.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Feeling the baby move.

Movement:  I can feel him/her at night, when I'm sitting quietly or laying down.  He/She seems pretty active already!

Food Cravings: None.

Food Aversions:

Morning Sickness:
I still have hyperemesis, and there is no sign of it easing any time soon!

We're not finding out! We didn't find out with Dylan, Lexie, and Lily either!

Horrible morning (ALL DAY) sickness, exhaustion (although that is starting to ease), headaches/migraines, and irritabilityThe dreaded Braxton Hicks contractions started yesterday.  I got them early with all 3 kids, but they started later than they did with the girls!

A light walk/run combo workout on the treadmill, 20 minutes a day, Monday-Friday.  That's about all my stomach can tolerate right now!

What I miss: Feeling normal.  I can't remember what it's like to not feel sick!

What I'm looking forward to:
My OB appointment on Wednesday, hearing the heartbeat again, and scheduling our ultrasound!

16 Week Picture:  My bump showed up this week!  I do feel like I'm in that awkward stage where I just look like I ate a huge meal!



  1. I see no baby bump! haha =) You look amazing, definitely glowing! Can't tell one bit you are sick. I look like death with Hyperemesis and you look beautiful! So excited to follow along with you during your pregnancy!

  2. You look awesome. Super cute dress too!!

  3. You look great! Sorry you are not feeling well. This pregnancy I told myself I was going to document like you each week and I have failed miserably!

  4. You look SO amazing! I'm sorry you're not feeling well, that's the worst. Hopefully you start feeling better really soon. I can't believe you're 16 weeks already too.

  5. You look great! So sorry you are so sick :( Sending you hungry vibes!!!

  6. Beautiful picture! How exciting you've never found out!! It's going to be so neat to watch these upcoming months on your blog!
    Happy Friday!

  7. I'm sorry you are still so sick! Hope the appointment went well!

  8. How exciting! I love how your family is growing and so glad you let us come along for the ride. I'm so excited for you. I've got to surf over here more often to keep up with all that's going on. Fun!!

  9. You look awesome for 16 weeks! Isn't morning sickness the worst?
    :( I hope it disappears for you soon. Baby #4, how very exciting!!


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