Our Five Ring Circus: 14 Weeks with Baby #4

Friday, March 8, 2013

14 Weeks with Baby #4

Today, I officially entered my second trimester!

I haven't done any updates before this, because there wasn't much to say other than I'm sick, I'm really sick, I'm horribly sick, I'm still sick, Is this ever going to end...

That being said, now that I can feel the baby and now that I've heard the heartbeat, this pregnancy finally seems very real.  That definitely makes it easier to deal with, even though the sick aspect of it hasn't changed!

I will say that I find it hard to believe that I'm doing these updates again.  It seems like I was just posting them about my sweet little Nugget!

Here we go again!!!

DATE: March 8, 2013

How far along:
14 Weeks!

Total Weight Gained:
None.  I started the losing process.

How big is baby? My baby measures 3 1/2 inches from head to bottom and weighs 1 1/2 ounces.  He/She is about the size of a lemon.

How baby is growing
: My baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee, and possibly suck his/her thumb! His/her tiny features form one expression after another. (From babycenter.com.)

Maternity Clothes: None. My regular clothes are loose.

Sleep: The past few days, I have woken up with a migraine in the middle of the night.  Last night was the first night I slept soundly (and pain-free!) for 6 hours straight.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Enjoying those first little flutters and seeing my tiny baby bump pop out.

Movement: I can feel little flutters when I lay down or sit quietly.

Food Cravings: None. The only things I can really keep down is red grapes and strawberry-banana smoothies.

Food Aversions:

Morning Sickness:
I have hyperemesis again, which is making my days long and difficult.  I take Zofran, but it doesn't do much for me.   I feel like I've lived with a horrible stomach virus for the past 60+ days.

We're not finding out! We didn't find out with Dylan, Lexie, and Lily either!

Horrible morning (ALL DAY) sickness, exhaustion (although that is starting to ease), headaches/migraines, and sore boobs.

Exercise: None.  This is the sickest I have felt, and I have had hyperemesis 3 times before.  Rapid movement increases the extreme nausea, so I called it quits for the 1st trimester.  I may attempt to start daily walks on Monday and go from there.


What I miss: I can't even remember what it's like to be nausea-free!

What I'm looking forward to:
Seeing our precious baby at our ultrasound.

14 Week Picture:  Let's be honest here.  My boobs are huge and my baby bump is practically non-existent, but here I am, 14 weeks today!   Next week, I'm going to do something different, and add in the chalkboard!



  1. Oh I do feel for you feeling so miserable. Thank goodness you know it's all worth it in the long run - the tunnel may seem long but there's a really brilliant light at the end :-)

  2. I feel for you, hon! Gosh that all day nausea is so exhausting and overwhelming! If it's any consolation, you still look beautiful!

  3. I loved doing these weekly updates, it was fun to look back on them. I had bad food adversions with Kendall.

  4. Awhhh ya! Hope you feel better soon. =( Boo!

  5. Thinking of you- how stinking exciting. I think if I already had one of each I wouldn't mind not finding out either- since you already have everything for both!!

  6. I hope you feel better soon hun!! Yah for a 4th!!

  7. You look great! Praying the sickness passes soon!

  8. I love the weekly updates! Hello 2nd trimester!

  9. Hang in there, momma! How impressive they you guys can wait to find out! Wish I had that willpower!

  10. My friend just went through this with her 4th too, so awful! Praying that this doesn't last long and you're feeling better soon!

  11. YOu poor thing, that hypermesis sounds horrible! I had all day nausea (but no puking) for 6 weeks during my first trimester and it was horrible, I can't imagine what you're going through, hope you feel better soon.

  12. Love, love, love this - except the being sick all the time! Squeeeee new baby!!

  13. I hope the sickness goes away soon! I know being sick stinks, but I am so jealous that your lose weight instead of gain when you are pregnant!

  14. Hyperemesis is the least fun I had being pregnant. And I HATED when people would be like chew candied ginger, sniff lemon oil, drink a sprite first thing in the morning, and I was all like I'M GOING TO DECAPITATE THE NEXT PERSON THAT SUGGESTS ONE OF THOSE HOME REMEDIES!!! PREGNANT!!! HORMONAL!!! RAWR!!!

    But I mean seriously if I tell you I'm in the hospital getting IV zofran I don't think your home remedies will be effective.

    Hang in there and keep eating grapes and smoothies!

  15. Oh girl so sorry you are so sick, that would be awful. Hopefully now that you have made it to second trimester it will ease up.

    I miss my pregnancy/nursing boobs :)

  16. Well you look great.. I'm sorry to hear you have to go through all the sickness again. I know that must be horrible for you. I couldn't imagine. At least we know it's all worth it!

  17. Oh my gosh Stefanie, you are a trooper. Hopefully this pregnancy will go by quick so the sickness will stop! Your kids are so adorable and this little one will be too, just keep remembering that :)

  18. Praying for you, I know being sick all the time must suck! But, You look amazing.

  19. Yey! Glad to read your updates on your new baby bump. Hope you'll feel better real soon! Hang in there!


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