Our Five Ring Circus: Lessons in Parenting

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lessons in Parenting

This post was originally written as a guest post for The Mommyhood Chronicles last month.  After another lesson learned today, I decided I'd share it on my blog, too!

Today's lesson?  If your child is silent and Vaseline is nearby there is going to be a mess. A huge mess.  As in, smeared on the floor, smeared on a baby wipes container, and painted on their clothes.  This can all happen in 90 seconds. Lesson learned.  Note to self:  Get rid of Vaseline.

I've been a mom for almost 8 years, so I've learned a few important lessons along the way.  I'd love to share some of them with you!

* Always expect the unexpected.  When you have kids, anything can happen.  Nothing surprises me anymore!

* Let them get messy.  It's going to happen anyway.


* They will fall asleep in the strangest positions.


* Your kids will have completely different personalities.  Never expect your second born to be just like your first!

* Always, ALWAYS, take a change of clothes for each kid!


* Children can destroy a room in 30 seconds.  We call this a toynado.


* Toys will end up in every room of your house.  Lots of them.

* If you have a boy, gross things will end up in the house.


* They will give you a heart attack on a daily basis.


* If you think they're going to roll off the couch/climb out of the crib soon, they're going to roll off the couch/climb out of the crib NOW.

* If they are very quiet for a long period of time, it's bad.  Really bad.

* Always leave the bathroom door shut.

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* If your kids are hurt, you will hurt more.

* You will get peed on, pooped on, and puked on.

* A diaper blowout will happen at some point.  Imagine the grossest thing you've ever had to deal with and multiply it by 100.

* If you have a girl, always check in the layers of their dresses for the bloomers/diaper covers.  If you don't, you just may send them off to their first day of school with bloomers  pinned inside their dress.  And this may happen many, many more times.  And you won't be the only one who does this, because some of your close friends will confirm that it happens to them, too!

* When they start school, a sport, or an activity, your life will become much busier.

* When you have multiple children and one (or TWO) is gone for the night, your life will seem SO easy.

*  Bumps and bruises happen almost everyday.  Especially once they start walking.  Shrug it off!

* They will make you so proud. Often.

* They will drive you crazy.  Often.

* They will make you laugh. Often.

* Your kid will get hurt in the strangest ways.  Case in point?  Head meets flat wall.


* Head wounds/mouth wounds bleed.  A lot.

* The amount of toys and stuffed animals multiply overnight.  Really.

*If your kid has a lovie, it will become a vital part of your life.


* You will do ridiculous things in order to get a cute picture.


* Anything goes with the third baby.


* They hardly ever get sick, but when they do, it will be at the worst possible time.


* You will love them fiercely.  So much, that it feels like your heart will burst out of your chest.

* Let go of the to-do list once in a while, and just have fun! This was my most recent lesson learned. Would you rather clean your house or spend an afternoon with friends, visiting a museum and getting ice cream?  I want my kids to remember doing fun things with me, instead of remembering my frantic cleaning habits (yes, that's me.)

* They grow up too fast. Before you know it, your first baby will be headed to 2nd grade, your middle baby will be going to Kindergarten, and your newest baby's first year will go by in what feels like a few weeks.


* Savor every moment while they're young..  Chores can wait. Someday, much sooner than you can imagine, your house will be empty and you're going to be wishing back all the noise, clutter, and chaos. Childhood is fleeting. Hold them tight, and be thankful for the amazing blessing that you have!


  1. oh my goodness. that picture of Lily with her booty in the air on the beach is PRECIOUS!

  2. I may have just cried. A LOT!

    So right in all of these. Especially the bloomers. ;)


  3. Such a great post...and I love the pictures you chose to go with it.

    I have to disagree on the getting sick thing...Buster was sick all.the.time...but yeah, a lot of those were at the worst times possible. ;-)

  4. i loved this post!!! these pictures are priceless!

  5. You said it all, and so well too. I love the picture of your boy sleeping with the popcorn, so funny. And yes, with the third anything does go!

  6. Oh goodness, I think this is my favorite post you have done! This is so cute and the pictures are wonderful! Have a great weekend my friend!

    Mama Hen

  7. La-love this post! So cute!

    *Sorry for the late visit! I am under the weather for days now!

    have a great weekend sissy!

  8. Great post! I learned a lot of things by reading these. :0)

  9. LOVE.THIS.POST. Your house seems magical. I'd totally bring Maddi over for a playdate



    A Taste of T

  10. I love this and am sharing it with my friends. Before having kids, I would not have understood any of this; now, I nod my head in agreement with everything... Chores can wait. I need to remind myself of this everyday! Have a great weekend! XOXO.

  11. what an absolutely FANTASTIC post, Mama - you nailed it!!! I always have to remind myself to not compare them, oh it is so hard!

  12. Cool post!
    That's really cool that you are writing about your lovely kids


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