Our Five Ring Circus: 38 Weeks

Monday, July 25, 2011

38 Weeks

I have now made it past the point all of my OB's expected me to deliver by! I delivered the eviction notice, but Nugget is being very stubborn. After months of trying to keep the baby in, he/she doesn't want to come out now that it's safe!

July 25, 2011

How far along:
38 Weeks!

Total Weight Gained:
10 lbs total, and that's making up what I lost.

How big is baby? Nugget weighs about 6.8 pounds and she's over 19 1/2 inches long. (No way-I'm carrying another 9 pounder!)

How baby is growing
: Nugget's organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. (Hear that, Nugget?!?) babycenter.com

Maternity Clothes: I never wore maternity clothes. Regular pants and regular long shirts still fit perfectly.

Sleep: I'm not sleeping well at all anymore.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
We're very anxious to meet our baby!

Movement: Nugget is still very active, and very strong. His/her bouts of hiccups last a long time. This morning we watched as a knee poked out of the top of my belly and a fist poked out of the bottom!

Food Cravings: I haven't had any cravings. I eat a lot of fruit, salad, cereal, and sweets!

Food Aversions:
Lunch/Dinner food and lemonade.

Morning Sickness:
I'm still taking Zofran everyday. Nugget better get here soon, because I only have 10 left!!! I really can't wait for the morning sickness to go away.

It's a surprise!

I've had a week of false labor now. I keep thinking it's going to happen, and then it stops when I go to bed! After months of contractions, I really hope I'll be able to tell the difference and make it to the hospital on time! I'm still sick every day and (TMI) still constipated. I drool while I'm sleeping-I'm not sure if I mentioned that before, but it's been happening for several months! I'm hormonal, temperamental, and impatient! Tons of contractions and pressure have been making me very uncomfortable.

Exercise: I've actually run a few times since the restrictions were lifted last week! I ran for 2 1/4 miles today, and it did nothing to make the contractions stronger. I am proud of the fact that I'm still fit, despite being banned from running for several months!

What I miss:
Feeling comfortable and nausea-free!

What I'm looking forward to:
Having my baby! I can't wait to meet Nugget!

38 Week Picture:

I sure hope this is the last one!!!



  1. You look precious as ever!! This little nugget needs to stop being so stubborn ;)
    I've been drooling a lot too while sleeping and I never have before, so I am for sure blamming it on the pregnancy! haha!
    I cannot wait for his/her arrival. I hope you tweet!

  2. Freudian slip...lol? You said "SHE's over 19 1/2 inches long". I know you don't know what you're having, but do you think it's a girl? How exciting! I give you lots of props for being able to wait to find out the gender. Soon you'll know...how exciting!

  3. You are such a cute pregnant lady! Though, what an exciting time to be almost done. I'm quite temperamental and impatient too, but sadly, I have nothing to blame it on but myself. (sigh)

  4. Come out nugget, Charlie wants to play ;) Can't wait to see you! You need to stop being stubborn and let Mama eat something without feeling sick. You look great Stef!

  5. you are just the cutest preggo ever! can't wait to "meet" Nugget!

  6. That's a great picture. You look awesome. Has Nugget stayed in longer than the other two at this point?

  7. 38 weeks was my mental and emotional limit with all of them. i had to keep my last one in until 39 weeks and it was torture for me...lol. hope you make it through until the lil one makes his/her entrance.

  8. Happy birthday to your hubby! Hang in there! You look beautiful! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  9. look at that belly :) i am so far behind you look amazing...

  10. Congrats on making it to 38 weeks! That's wonderful. Now Nugget just needs to get out :-)

  11. Any day now! Woohoo! Can't wait! I can't believe you only gained 10 lbs. I know you were sick for quite a bit of it, but you look amazing!
    Best wishes with delivery!

  12. I noticed the slip too! If it's a girl she has lots of Lexie outfits to inherrit! :)

  13. Hey hey little one! Come out now! We'd love to see you :)

  14. 38 weeks and only 10 lbs! You're like a celeb mom :).

    So close!

  15. Your belly looks so big now! =) Not in a bad way.

  16. Just think how close you are to the end of morning sickness. Awesome, you cutie pie, you!

  17. Okay, I'm stuck on the 10 lbs weight gain thing. I swear it to you, I can gain that just from a dinner at the Olive Garden. Good for you - you should be proud of staying fit and healthy through your pregnancy!

    I can't imagine running 2 1/4 miles while 9 months pregnant. You go girl - shake that baby out!

  18. I'm stalking you like crazy now to see some blessed baby news ;). Hope you're enjoying the last few days (or weeks) as your family of four.

  19. I'm so impressed with your run!!! I used to be a runner, but would have sadly struggled with that even without a giant baby strapped on my front now! At 38 weeks, you are super close no matter what happens :)

  20. I remember when I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in. Hope your baby arrives soon.

  21. You are such a cute little prego mama! I just started following your blog so I'm getting caught up on all the reading. I was sick with all three of my babies all nine months! I totally know how you feel. It SUCKS! Hope your little one hurries up so you can feel good again!


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