Our Five Ring Circus: 35 Weeks (and Appointment Update)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

35 Weeks (and Appointment Update)

I had my 35 week appointment today, and things are progressing! Other than the contractions and nausea, I'm doing great. My blood pressure has remained the same for the entire pregnancy, and I've never had any swelling. Nugget is measuring right where he/she should, and the heart rate continues to stay in the 150's/160's (mid 160's today). I am just about 3 cm and starting to efface, and Nugget is head-down and ready to go!

My OB really wants me to make it two more weeks, so I'm supposed to stay indoors as much as possible and drink lots of water. He said that even mild dehydration right now could put me into full-blown labor, so I can't spend much time outside in the heat. I don't have many restrictions indoors, other than taking frequent breaks to put my feet up, especially when the contractions get stronger.

It's getting close!!!

July 5, 2011

How far along:
35 weeks, 1 day!

Total Weight Gained:
I'm 1 lb away from reaching my pre-pregnancy weight. (Bigger weight gain this week, thanks to all the picnic food I ate yesterday!)

How big is baby? Nugget weighs 5 1/4 lbs, and is just over 18 inches long.

How baby is growing: Nugget's kidneys are fully developed now, and his/her liver can process some waste products. Most of Nugget's basic physical development is now complete — he/she will spend the next few weeks putting on weight. babycenter.com

Maternity Clothes: The only benefit of hyperemesis and prolonged morning sickness is the fact that I can still wear my pre-pregnancy pants! My shirts need to be a bit longer though!

Sleep: Sleep isn't very good anymore. I spend more time trying to find a comfortable position than actually sleeping, and I'm sore when I wake up in the morning.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Continuing to ready the house for Nugget's arrival!

Movement: Nugget is an active baby, but the movements aren't so comfortable anymore! He/She usually gets strong hiccups twice a day: once in the morning, and once in the evening. I love deciphering which part of Nugget is sticking out of my belly (I love feeling his/her little feet)!

Food Cravings: I haven't had any cravings. I eat a lot of fruit, salad, cereal, and sweets!

Food Aversions:
Meat (I only eat poultry, but don't like that right now), lemonade, and most dinner food.

Morning Sickness:
I still take Zofran everyday in an attempt to control the morning (all day) sickness. It's nowhere near as bad as it was the first 20+ weeks, but I'm still dealing with it daily.

It's a surprise!

Strong and frequent braxton hicks contractions, pressure, difficulty finding a comfortable position at night, mild back pain, short temper, and an incessant need to nest!

Exercise: I walk 4-5 days a week (on the treadmill, in the AC), but I'm not allowed to do more than that.

What I miss:
Feeling comfortable and nausea-free!

What I'm looking forward to:
I am very excited to meet Nugget, but the end is bittersweet for me. This very well may be my last pregnancy, and even though it's been really rough, I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss hearing the heartbeat, and feeling the baby move and hiccup!

35 Week Picture:



  1. You have dropped A LOT! Whoa baby :) Cannot wait to see little nugget.

  2. I can imagine that it must be bittersweet to know that this may be your last pregnancy. I only have one child so far and hope to have a few more but I know I'll be very sad when I know I've experienced my last pregnancy.

    You look beautiful :). Hope you find time to relax yet before the baby comes.

  3. Wow!! It looks like you've dropped!

    Make sure you take it easy and drink lots of water to keep that baby cookin' a couple more weeks!


  4. Congrats on hitting 35 weeks! Good luck staying cool and rested :)

  5. so cute! you look like you're carrying high... am I right?

    can't wait to find out what it is!!!!!

  6. Wow, so it's really any day now. Crazy!! You look gorgeous!

  7. Wish you smooth sailing these last 2 weeks. You'll be feeling more normal in the near future :-)

  8. Great update!

    I saw that you don't like poultry right now. When I was pregnant with Buddy, I couldn't eat baked or grilled chicken (only fried things like chicken patties or chicken strips). I would literally gag at the sight of chicken.

  9. Steph, this made me cry:

    This very well may be my last pregnancy, and even though it's been really rough, I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss hearing the heartbeat, and feeling the baby move and hiccup!

    Big hugs to you!!

  10. What a wonderful time for you! Yes, stay indoors and relax! I will look forward to seeing photos of your precious new one soon!!!!

  11. Oh man! I wish I would have done post like this while I was pregnant! You are such a cute mommy!

  12. Oh my gosh! It is getting so close. I can't believe it.

  13. Hopefully not too much longer.. I had my daughter at 35 weeks. I bet your ready!

  14. I can't believe you're already 3cm. Whoa baby!! Good luck with L&D. It seems it could be any time!!

  15. wow - you are in the home stretch - sad that that you've had to experience the loss of Pepe at this time - hopefully you can get some sleep and try to lower your stress...


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