Our Five Ring Circus: 37 Weeks!

Monday, July 18, 2011

37 Weeks!

I've officially made it to the safe zone! I gave Nugget the eviction notice. I'm really hoping he/she listens and makes an appearance soon!

July 18, 2011

How far along:
37 Weeks!

Total Weight Gained:
9 lbs total, and that's making up what I lost.

How big is baby? Nugget weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel. (I'm guessing Nugget is already bigger than that!)

How baby is growing: If Nugget is born now, his/her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. babycenter.com

Maternity Clothes: I never wore maternity clothes. I actually just gave a bag of them away, because they were never used. Regular pants and regular long shirts still fit perfectly.

Sleep: Sleep? What's that? I spend the majority of the night trying to find a comfortable position.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Getting Lexie and Nugget's room set up. We are completely ready for Nugget to arrive!

Movement: Nugget is still very active! He/She usually gets strong hiccups twice a day: once in the morning, and once in the evening. Nugget squirms and attempts to stretch a lot more. Those movements are really uncomfortable! The hands/feet/arms/legs that stick out of my belly are very strong!

Food Cravings: I haven't had any cravings. I eat a lot of fruit, salad, cereal, and sweets!

Food Aversions:
Lunch/Dinner food.

Morning Sickness:
I'm still taking Zofran everyday, and it's especially bad at night. I really can't wait for the morning sickness to go away. (21 days or less...phew! That first meal is going to be wonderful!)

It's a surprise!

The contractions and pressure are making me very uncomfortable right now. I constantly feel as if I could go into labor at any moment. Morning sickness and constipation are a part of my everyday life. I'm nesting like a crazy lady, and I have no patience whatsoever! I feel like I'm a hormonal, uncomfortable mess right now!

Exercise: I walk 4-5 days a week. As of today, all restrictions are lifted!

What I miss:
Feeling comfortable and nausea-free!

What I'm looking forward to:
My appointment tomorrow morning. I really hope there are some changes! These contractions are going to exhaust me, just as they did with Lexie!

37 Week Picture:



  1. Yeah for full-term! You must be so excited. You're on the home-stretch now.

  2. AWHHH!! Look at that belly!! Come out little baby! =)

  3. You are so cute, and all baby! I can't believe you never wore maternity clothes. I could smack you for that! ;)

  4. You still look fabulous as always! I love that you still have your belly ring in =) So adorable. I cannot wait for lil nugget to arrive!

  5. You look too cute in that dress! I totally remember not being able to sleep towards the end too! I hope you get good news at the doctor tomorrow!

  6. You are soooo cute!! Look at that belly.

    Okay, Nugget! The world awaits your arrival...you can come now!

  7. What a perfect belly! Big congrats on making it to 37 - I hope to read exciting news very soon :)

  8. Woo-hoo! Congrats on being in the clear. Such a relief to finally get there, isn't it? You poor thing, being so sick. That is just awful :( Crossing my fingers that Nugget comes out asap!! You look adorable, you tiny little thing!

  9. You look fabulous! Best wishes!!!

  10. Not many people can say they look better pregnant like you can! Amazing! Can't wait to meet lil nugget!

  11. OMGoodness you are almost there! You look great and hopefully you have some news for us soon!

  12. You look just beautiful. Your so close. It could be any day now.

    Prayers for you on a safe delivery :)

  13. Oh geesh! I can almost feel your nugget in here :) Yey! Cant wait!

  14. You look so amazing, Stef! You're almost there! XOXO


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