Our Five Ring Circus: Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer...with four kids!

I can't believe Summer Break is halfway over! Why does it have to go by so quickly?!? We just had the laziest week ever, and it was amazing. Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer are truly the best!

I'm so glad we opted to have an unscheduled Summer this year. We've never had one of those kind of Summers, and it's awesome to be able to do what we want when we want, and not have to leave the house every single day. I know it's going to come to an end way too soon, so we are savoring every moment, and enjoying all the gifts Summer has to offer!

Monday, July 2nd

After a fun weekend, Monday was full of errands! The day began with a phone call from Liam's preschool special education coordinator, who was talking to me about the upcoming Kindergarten year. He was eligible, because he will turn 5 just days before the age cutoff, but we weren't sure if we were going to send him or do another year of preschool. Well, after that conversation, we decided to send him to Kindergarten! So, we dropped off his paperwork to the school district, filled up the gas tank, dropped off a medical form at his pediatrician's office, then did the weekly shopping. Lily, Liam and I returned home tired, and made it into the house just as a huge storm hit! After dinner, we were able to play outside for a few minutes before another storm hit!

Down syndrome

Tree Swing

Tree Swing

English Mastiff Puppy

Tuesday, July 3rd

We spent Tuesday at home. Our sweet puppy, Ella, turned 7 months old, so the kids celebrated with some snuggles! That evening, Lexie went with her BFF Lexi to watch fireworks, and didn't get home until really late. Meanwhile, some friends came over for a little while since it wasn't a work night!

Best dogs for kids

English Mastiff

English Mastiff Puppy

Best family dog breeds

gentle giant

Wednesday, July 4th

Happy 4th of July! We picnicked, swam, paraded, and watched fireworks. I shared a recap of our fun Fourth of July festivites last week!

The Lucky Few

Thursday, July 5th

Grant took the day off from work on Thursday, and we did a whole lot of nothing! It was wonderful! (And I didn't even take a SINGLE picture with my camera or my phone!)

Friday, July 6th

We spent the day at my parent's house. Lexie ended up staying at their house, because she has to help with my sister's dog. My dad's knees are too bad to go up and down the steps so much, and my mom was already dog-sitting my other sister's dogs at her house. So Lexie is staying at my parent's house until Wednesday! We miss her, but we facetime with her each day!

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English Mastiff Puppy

Saturday, July 7th

We had a very relaxing Saturday at home! Grant and Dylan went on their Saturday morning drive, and the little kids and I spent hours outdoors. That evening, we had friends over, and we stayed up REALLY late!

Life with Down syndrome

Sunday, July 8th

Another day at home! If you're keeping count, that's FOUR days in one week. That's seriously unheard of! We are fully taking advantage of our lazy, unscheduled Summer. We still hosted friends 4 days this week, but *I* didn't leave the house every day. Some weeks in the Summer are just as busy, but we've had two weeks that were mostly relaxing. We still have friends over, but we're not driving around all over the place all the time. My parents stopped by to pick up a few more things for Lexie, but that was the extent of visiting with people for the day! We ended the week with Family Game Night. We played Yardzee, and Dylan beat us with a whopping FOUR yahtzees!


Backyard Games

Outdoor Games

Outdoor yahtzee

This week is really busy, and next week is even busier, so this past relaxing week was much appreciated! We're trying so hard to enjoy Summer before it slips away, so taking a break from everything else to focus on all the things that make Summer so perfect is WONDERFUL! (Please don't go!)

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  1. Looks like a lovely relaxing week. I wish my kids were happier when we don't do anything exciting!

    1. Thankfully, my parents alternate weeks with each of my three older kids, and they also do a lot with their friends. That definitely helps!

  2. Now I'm going to have that song from Gilmore girls stuck in my head :). Glad you guys are all enjoying your relaxing summer!

    1. This made me laugh! I was totally singing it and thinking about that episode when I wrote the title!

  3. A beautiful summer so far, and I can't believe it but Ella looks like she has grown! I won't even ask how much puppy food you need to buy and store!!

    1. I swear, she grows overnight! It's hard to believe she has another full year of growth ahead of her! She goes through phases when she eats a lot of food. Right now, it's about 6 cups a day. A bit less than she was eating a few weeks ago!


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