Our Five Ring Circus: Summer Friday Favorites

Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Friday Favorites

Summer Friday Favorites

I received several of the items below free for review. I only share the things I love the most!

Happy Friday! Summer life is in full swing, and we are loving the hot summer days. Even though some days are almost unbearably hot, it's my favorite time of year. Summer life is the best life!

A few fun things made my love list this week! Some were sent to me for review, and I quickly fell in love, and others were fun finds while I was shopping. Here are six of my current Summer Favorites:

Mist 'n Sip 

Mist 'n Sip Cup

I love hot weather, but I do NOT love running in hot weather! I usually run with Liam in the jogging stroller, so I always take a reusable water bottle with me. While I was shopping at Aldi, I found this awesome Mist 'n Sip cup that is perfect for exercising outside on hot Summer days! I don't tend to sweat much, but my face quickly turns bright red and feels like it's burning up. The convenient mister next to the spout is so awesome and refreshing!

Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen Sticks

Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen Sticks

I partnered with Moms Meet to review Bare Republic Neon Sunscreen Sticks, and they sent me an amazing box full of products! Sharing on my blog is not a requirement of this campaign, but we love them so much, that they deserve an additonal shoutout! Summer and sunscreen go hand in hand, so I'm always looking for good ones to use on my kids.

These fun, mineral neon sunscreen sticks are SPF 50, biodegradable, and reef-friendly. They are free of parabens, chemical actives, and synthetic fragrances. My kids love the 6 fun neon colors that they can layer in fun patterns, and I love the fact that they are chemical-free, water resistant for 80 minutes, and easy to apply!

You can find them at Amazon, Target, and Walmart for about $8.99 each. #momsmeet #BAREYOURCOLOR #GOBAREOUTSIDE

Sober Up

Sober Up by AJR

Is anybody else loving this song by AJR? The catchy beat and the violins gets me every time! The entire album is pretty good!

All Are Welcome Here

All Are Welcome Here

All Are Welcome Here sent me this shirt, which I proudly wear! I have a child who has a disability, family and friends of all religions and races, a gay sibling, and a gay best friend. ALL are welcome in my world! I believe in spreading positivity and love, and I support FULL inclusion, which is essentially this awesome company's mission! They donate 10% of their All Are Welcome Here sales to the ACLU.

I have an awesome giveaway coming up on Instagram next week, which includes a shirt, but you can also use the code LEXIE20 which is good for 20% off all merchandise through August 31st!

Glass Milk Bottles

glass milk bottles

I have a thing for straw cups, which is probably why we have too many straw cups, but I couldn't pass up this Aldi find! They are perfect for the smoothies, iced tea, and lemonade that we drink all the time. I love the cute vintage farmhouse look! They come in a 4 pack along with 4 extra straws!

Formulate Giveaway

Formulate Giveaway

I teamed up with a new company to help with their product launch! They offer a FULLY customizable shampoo and conditioner that is made exactly for your hair type! I was so impressed with the in-depth survey. They even factored in the weather where I live. At the end, I was even able to pick the fragrance. This is just the pre-launch, but they will start filling orders later this month!

Head over to my giveaway to enter to win your own fully customized shampoo & conditioner!

If you would like an early access code, send me an email at lexieloolilyboodylantoo@yahoo.com. I have 10 available! With the code, you will be able to access the hair wizard to take the survey, and purchase your own custom shampoo and conditioner. This will put you in the queue for the products before the site is even open to all customers! If you purchase with the code, you will become a Founding Customer, which will give you future discounts, trials of new ingredients, beta tests on the platform, and input on new scent choices!

AND...I managed to blog every weekday this week, which hasn't happened in a very long time! Who am I?!? Here's what I shared:

The Countdown to Full Inclusion Kindergarten

The Countdown to Full Inclusion Kindergarten

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer...with four kids!

8 Fun Free Things To Do With Kids In Virginia Beach

8 Fun FREE Things To Do With Kids In Virginia Beach

Liam in Times Square...AGAIN!!! 

Liam in Times Square...AGAIN!!! NDSS Times Square Video #Downsyndrome #NDSS #Downsyndromeawareness

Happy weekend, my friends! 

Summer Friday Favorites #momblogger #sunscreen #summer #exercise #fashion

What are you currently loving? 


  1. Those milk bottles are a great Aldi find! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I really like that shirt! I was offered the sunscreen sticks too but I didn't think my kids would like the neon. Yours look so cute!

  3. THose neon sunscreens are the cutest! Our kids would get a kick out of that!


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