Our Five Ring Circus: The First Day of School - Kindergarten, 4th Grade and 6th Grade

Thursday, September 1, 2016

The First Day of School - Kindergarten, 4th Grade and 6th Grade

Well...it happened. Summer break came to an end and my kids headed back to school. I'm the mom who actually enjoys having her kids home from school so I wasn't ready for this just yet!


Although it was a big day for all three of my older kids, it was an even bigger deal for Lily. It was her first day of Kindergarten! I truly can't believe it. Wasn't she just born?!?


Lily has been talking about going to Kindergarten since January. She was ready for this milestone and counting down the days! This mama, however, was NOT. Perhaps it's because I know how quickly time goes but each time I send one of my kids to Kindergarten it get more difficult for me.

This morning I woke up feeling all the emotions.

I found myself second guessing our decision to send her this year as the kids got ready for school. She turned 5 just before the cutoff date so she will be one of the youngest kids in her class. Maybe she wasn't ready yet. She's normally so independent and outgoing but what if she got scared or nervous or felt lonely? What if she got lost or was afraid to express her needs? I could feel the fears and the tears building but I knew I was thinking those thoughts for my own selfish reasons. She was ready and it was time to let her go.


As the minutes ticked by while we waited for the bus I could tell that Lily was feeling a tiny bit nervous, too. I put on my brave mommy face and we talked about how fun Kindergarten was going to be. During that pep talk the bus came into view. There was no more time left to prepare. As the bus came closer I just wanted to scream at Time to slow down and I wanted to cry because that giant bus was going to take my baby away from me. But there was nothing I could do. This was it.

Lexie grabbed Lily's hand and they walked toward that big yellow bus together. There was a huge lump in my throat and I could feel the tears threatening to spill over. Lily didn't even pause or look back at me but she looked so tiny as she walked toward that bus.


I couldn't even watch her climb the steps or take her seat. I couldn't watch the bus pull away. And as it rounded the corner my tears fell.  This letting go aspect of motherhood is the worst!

Needless to say Lily survived and I survived.  It definitely helps that Kindergarten is just a half day here! When I picked her up from school she seemed very upbeat and told me about her first day. She really liked her teacher, her class was full of preschool friends and she made a new friend with the same name on the bus. Recess was her favorite part! I'm so glad she adjusted well but it must have been overwhelming because she ended up taking 2 naps this afternoon! It was a BIG day full of new experiences!

Dylan and Lexie are old pros by now! I had no worries about their first day. Dylan is in full tween mode and wasn't ready to go back. Lexie, who adamantly states that nerds rule the world, was excited about her first day!

Lexie is in 4th Grade this year! It's her last year in the Elementary School. Next year she will move up to a bigger school! (Slow down, time!)


Lexie had a great day! Her teacher just had a baby this week so her class has a long-term sub. Lexie thought he was very fun and very nice. She's always so enthusiastic about school and is such a great student so I know it's going to be an easy year for her!

Dylan is officially a 6th Grader! Next year he's heading to junior high. That's so hard to believe. How did he get this big this fast?!?


Dylan doesn't share as many details as he used to but it seemed like he had a good day. This is the first year he has a male teacher for his main teacher. I'm interested to see how that plays out! Dylan doesn't love school as much as Lexie does. He is, however, a very hard worker at all times and an incredible kid. He's just more into the social aspect of his school day! He's a typical tween!

I was dreading the start of the school year because I love Summer Break so much and I didn't want it to end, but we all survived. It was a great first day for Dylan, Lexie and Lily!

The First Day of School

So there you have it. I have three kids in three different schools and next week that number will change to four. The Mom Taxi is back in service!

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  1. Way to go Lily!! Love her first day outfit. Adorable! She's got such a good big sister to help her too. I haven't sent a child to regular school yet but sending them to preschool is hard so I can only imagine. Way to hold it together momma!

  2. Oh mama, big hugs. I bet you found some comfort in knowing that Lexie was on that bus with her though. Still, so hard to let go. I hope they all have the very best year.

  3. Congrats on the first day. I have a 4th grader and a 6th grader this year too, and my youngest is in 1st.

  4. What a big first day! I'm sure big sister provided comfort to both of you! Here's to a great year ahead for all the kiddos AND momma taxi drivers!

  5. So cute my little just started kindergarten too. She was the same way so excited and ready for the next big thing. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  6. They all looked super cute! Karsyn started kindergarten too and I tell ya, it was hard!!! She's so ready though and she's already doing great. I'm sure your Lily is too!

  7. What a big day with them all heading off! I can't even begin to imagine what our life will look like when I'm sending multiple kids to school!

  8. So cute, I love their outfits! Hope everyone had a great day!


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