Our Five Ring Circus: 4 Back To School Basics For Toddlers {GUEST POST}

Sunday, September 18, 2016

4 Back To School Basics For Toddlers {GUEST POST}

Hello! Noelle of Oh Happy Play here! When I was asked to guest post for Stefanie I was so honored! I love her blog and her beautiful family so to be able to share a post with her readers was right up my ally! I hope you enjoy!

Some of you are crying and some may be cheering but either way it is that time of year again! Back to school is here! For us it is more like time for school is here because this is my 2.5-year-old daughter’s first school year ever. So you probably guessed it but I am the boo-hoo’ing mom in the car line. Even though it’s a few mornings a week it’s still a big deal considering she has never been in the care of anyone other than family her whole entire life! So naturally I wanted to make sure she was totally prepared and ready for this day so I complied these 4 back to school basics for toddlers and I think you will enjoy them as well!  


1.     Clothes: This may be the obvious one but I have a method to this one. Easy outfits are the key here. Chances are at this young age they are potty trained, newly potty trained or still getting the hang of it so for this reason pick out something easy. For my daughter I LOVE a simple dress. It helps that it is all she wants to wear these days but they’re so easy too. For boys, think elastic waistlines and easy on/off type stuff. This simply helps them help themselves. Another thing I try to do is to keep my daughter’s clothes on the plain side. I don’t want the focus to be on the character on her shirt but rather the school environment itself. I recently came across a site called Primary.com and I love their basics collection. You can mix and match styles and they are all at a totally affordable price!

2.     Shoes: Another “duh” one right? Well not really! Especially living in Florida it sometimes becomes habit to slip on those comfy crocs or easy to snap sandals but I highly suggest socks & sneakers for school. Sometimes the other shoes can simply be a tripping hazard and with mom not around it’s just best to avoid the potential spill and dress them in shoes that can truly support their feet and balance. My go-to for sneakers are See Kai Run. Velcro tops and sturdy soles are the basic reasons why I love them but their amazing style really is what catches my eyes! You can check out these exact sneakers she is wearing here


3.     Backpack & Lunch Box: Depending on if your little one is going the full day or half day you may not need the lunch box, but every little one needs a backpack for their new adventure. What else will they carry their adorable new projects home in? There are so many backpack options out there but if you’re looking for something for your littler babe just starting preschool, I highly recommend checking out Pottery Barn Kids! Their whole line of backpacks and matching lunch totes are adorable but their little preschool backpacks are seriously the perfect fit for little ones. You can check them out here!


4.     As mentioned above you will be bombarded with at-school projects so go ahead and get something to hang them on now! I have this awesome little wall display but I have been eyeing this wire rack from Pottery Barn Kids that I may replace it with! I also find that by hanging your children’s activities it creates a conversation starter when we have guests over. This really helps their memory skills and conversation skills!  


Most importantly enjoy it! If you stay positive about it they will too!

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Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post, Noelle! Head over to Noelle's blog to show her some love. I promise you will love her as much as I do!

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