Our Five Ring Circus: Virginia Beach Family Vacation: Day 5 & Day 6

Monday, September 26, 2016

Virginia Beach Family Vacation: Day 5 & Day 6

I'm officially over halfway through our Virginia Beach vacation recap! I knew there was no way I would be able to complete it all at once considering I had 1500+ pictures to sort through so I had to break it up into several posts. Next week I'll be wrapping it up!

We returned home from the beach one month ago today. Honestly it feels like ages ago. Life is so hectic right now and every time I sit down to sort through our beach pictures I just long to go back! Life was MUCH more relaxing then!

{DAY 5}

After our usual wake up, go to breakfast, relax in the room for a bit routine, we spent our entire afternoon at the beach!
Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach

Grant, Lexie and Liam eventually headed back to our suite so Liam could take a nap. I had to take a picture of Grant wearing Liam. He doesn't do it often but when he does he always raves about how awesome it is to have his hands free!


Dylan and Lily wanted to stay at the beach longer which was perfectly fine with me! I could easily stay there from sunrise to sunset!

Boogie Boarding

Dylan didn't last nearly as long as Lily and I did. He headed back to the suite and Lily and I stayed until the lifeguard went off duty. I just love those perfectly relaxing afternoons on a nearly empty beach! 


We showered and got dressed then headed out to a new favorite restaurant. (If you're ever in Virginia Beach go to The Raven. You won't be disappointed. The kids loved the fact that they served their meals in frisbees that they got to take home and the food was REALLY good!)


After dinner we strolled the boardwalk and did some souvenir shopping. When we got back to the hotel the kids wanted to go for their usual late night swim in the indoor pool.


Dylan and Lily wanted to go down to the boardwalk after we went swimming but Grant and Lexie wanted to stay in the suite so we split up for a bit.  I took the other three kids to the boardwalk and onto the beach to burn off some energy before bed. 

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

It wasn't very late but the boardwalk and beach were completely empty that evening. The only other people on the boardwalk was a homeless couple who was having a very colorful fight so we hightailed it back to our hotel!  It was time, anyway...everybody was sleepy!


The kids fell asleep quickly and Grant and I sat on the balcony until the sound of the waves practically put us to sleep!

{DAY 6}

Day 6 started out exactly like Day 5! 

Life with 4 kids

I'm not going to lie. By the sixth day we were sick of each other. Getting 4 kids ready for the beach and herded out the door was a difficult task that day! But once we made it down to the beach everybody relaxed and had fun!

Boogie Boarding
Virginia Beach Family Vacation
Virginia Beach

Liam ended up falling asleep on the beach and I was perfectly content to hold him for a while!


I eventually had to put him down so I could help bury the girls in the sand but it was a successful transfer!

Buried in the sand

While we were at the beach that afternoon the lifeguards called everyone out of the water.  Apparently the Virginia Health Department found bacteria in the water and put a ban on swimming. The lifeguards said that was the first time that had happened!

Since nobody could swim everybody started to leave the beach. Grant took Liam, Lexie and Dylan back to the suite but Lily wanted to play in the sand. We literally had the entire beach all to ourselves. It was an amazingly relaxing afternoon!


We were having such a relaxing afternoon but we had to head back to the suite to get ready to meet some family members for dinner. Funny story...Grant's cousin, her husband and their 4 kids live about 10 miles away from us. We had NO idea that we were vacationing at Virginia Beach during the same week until they arrived the day after us. Even funnier was the fact that they were staying just one block away!

Our kids have so much fun together so we made plans to meet at Planet Pizza for dinner.


Liam, of course, enjoyed his huge bowl of salad!


After dinner the kids begged to walk the boardwalk together. The kids loved playing at Grommet Island in the dark!

Grommet Island playground Virginia Beach
Grommet Island

We had quite the large crew but it was such a fun night!  


When we got back to the hotel the kids wanted to swim but the pool was closed due to an incident.  The kids were really bummed but we still ended up having a good night!


The fireworks over the ocean definitely helped cheer everyone up! 

Virginia Beach Fireworks


Stay tuned for our final Virginia Beach Family Vacation recap next Monday!

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Virginia Beach Family Vacation


  1. What a fun vacation! My inlaws live in Virginia Beach but we rarely venture down to the beach... but we've been talking about just staying in a hotel sometime for a long weekend, just for fun (and it's so much easier to head down than trekking over/parking from their house). You're pictures convinced me!!

    You totally had me chuckling "by the sixth day we were sick of each other..." HAHA! Thank goodness for empty beaches to let the kids run!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Girl, you got such amazing photos of all the adventures. I love the beach photos so much. All the kids look so happy and having such a great time. What a great trip, even if you did get sick of each other. ;)

  3. So much fun! I laughed out loud at your sick of eachother comment! How fun to meet up with family while you were there and I am super impressed Liam eats salad!

  4. So much fun! I bet it was hilarious to realize y'all were on vacation at the same time, lol. I mean what are the odds of that happening?! Loving these recaps.

  5. I guess it wasn't too hot to sit on the beach without getting wet?? Glad you still had fun even though everyone had to leave the water!

  6. Nothing better than sand, sun, and water soaked days!
    We're totally with you on getting sick of each other after a handful of days. But, thank goodness that's nothing a little beach time can't fix.
    Let's also talk about how genius it is to serve a meal on a frisbee! Awesome!!

  7. This looks like an amazing trip! Your kids are so cute!

  8. The most beautiful family! Looks like an amazing trip. I wish I was there right now!

  9. What a fun vacation! Your family is beautiful!

  10. I think everyone was on vacation last month. You are the 4th or 5th person I've read a vacation recap from. So it must be the to do thing for bloggers in September.

  11. Love all the pics and so many memories were made!


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