Our Five Ring Circus: Trendy Tots: Back To School Fashion with French Toast

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trendy Tots: Back To School Fashion with French Toast

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Back to School shopping. You either love it or you hate it! Now that I have my own tribe it's quite a time consuming and expensive task to get them all stocked up for the school year ahead!

When it comes to shopping for four kids who grow at warp speed I have to spend my money wisely.  I'm always on the lookout for durable, versatile items that don't cost a fortune! I was recently introduced to French Toast. This company is known for selling school uniforms but they also offer other comfortable clothing items ranging in size from 2T-Adult! I easily found something perfect for each of my kids!

Lily started Kindergarten this year. She loves ruffles and dresses and bows. She wasn't very thrilled when I told her that she had to dress for gym once a week. Athletic wear is just not her thing! She will, however, wear leggings with tunics!


A pair of stretch lace leggings in her favorite color paired perfectly with a black peplum long sleeve drop waist tunic! The cotton blend jersey tunic is tag free which makes it a comfortable option for any wardrobe. Lily loved the little sneak peek of lace at the bottom of the leggings. Plus at just $13.99 this outfit is a steal!


Lily can dress this outfit up with some dress shoes and a big bow...

French Toast Clothing

...or she can add a pair of sneakers to this outfit and have a comfortable option for gym. She tested out that theory by making sure her outfit could keep up with her!


I love the fact that both pieces can be easily paired with other items and the fact that they are machine washable!


At 9 years old Lexie is right on the border of becoming a tween. Shopping for her can be difficult! She isn't a big fan of the younger styles but a lot of the items in her size are much too mature for her age.  We were thrilled to find a dress we both loved from French Toast!


This Knit Woven Dress which sells for $11 is made out of twill cotton jersey and rayon challis. It is machine washable which makes me happy. Lexie thought it was a cute and comfortable dress!


Fall is getting close but Lexie can continue to wear this adorably versatile dress layered over leggings!


Now that Dylan is a tween he is very opinionated about his clothing! His signature style these days is skinny jeans or joggers with a tee and Converse.


Dylan loved this short sleeve striped v-neck tee in his favorite color! It paired well with joggers and skinny jeans.


The shirt is tag free, 100% Slub cotton jersey and machine washable. At only $8 we can easily buy one in every color. This comfortable shirt quickly became one of his favorites!


French Toast is a comfortable, durable, affordable, versatile clothing option for kids of all ages. If you need a wide variety of choices for school uniforms French Toast has it! No uniforms? No problem! You can find plenty of cute outfits that are perfect for the school year ahead!

Do your kids have to wear uniforms to school?

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DISCLOSURE: I received these items for review but all opinions are 100% my own. No other form of compensation was received. 


  1. Your kids could be models. I love all of these photos. You captured their personalities and clothing likes. :) Lily's outfit it something I would wear. Ha ha!

    1. Awww,thank you! They are all so different! I absolutely loved Lexie's dress. I would wear it!

  2. Seriously your kids should model for this company! I loved the girls outfits and Dylans shirt is my fave!

    1. Thank you so much! They're just used to the camera at this point-HA! They loved every item we received!

  3. Super cute stuff. I absolutely adore Lexie's dress. I am starting to have the same exact problem finding clothes for Marissa too :(.

    1. I would totally wear her dress! It is tough at this age, mama. Shorts are too short, shirts are too revealing and it's hard to find things we both like and approve of!

  4. Replies
    1. I was surprised! Prior to this I thought they only sold school uniform basics.

  5. so so cute. I cant wait to check them out. Bre is the same as Lily, would rather wear dresses/skirts than pants hahah

    1. That doesn't surprise me! Lexie was the same way and now she prefers pants with cute shirts. I just enjoy it while it lasts!

  6. Really cute outfits!

  7. I need to check out French Toast! These outfits are SO cute! And your kids all look gorgeous, as usual!

  8. Such beauties! I havent heard of French Toast before but Im totally going to check them out!

  9. The poses!!!! All three of your kids rock it!

  10. You have such cute kids! I think I've heard of French Toast but never looked into it. I'm going to have to though. Thanks!


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