Our Five Ring Circus: Monday Mashup

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mashup


Thank you all for your kind words, love, and support after I shared the rest of Liam's birth story yesterday!  He is a beautiful soul and I am so proud to call him my son!  I really wish I could express just how much I love him, Dylan, Lexie, and Lily.  I'm going to start turning my blog into books so they can someday read these stories over and over again.


Today was a day filled with fantastic news!  First, Grant received a much anticipated phone call this morning and will start his new job on Tuesday! He is really looking forward to working with this company. 

Also, Liam's nutritionist was here today.  After weighing him and reviewing his eating habits, we both decided that he could "graduate" from services!  He was 13 lbs 13 oz, which still puts him under the 5th percentile on the typical chart, but he is on a consistent growth curve on the DS chart.  He is obviously small, but with the nutritionist's advice over the past 3 months, he has grown so much!


The kids do know that Liam has Down Syndrome. Obviously, Lily does not understand, but she loves him dearly and is so gentle with him.  Dylan and Lexie adore their brother. They are very protective of him and tell him all the time that he is just perfect.  They are so loving, empathetic, and compassionate.  I know Liam is only going to emphasize those qualities in them.


I try so hard to reply to every comment, but sometimes the emails build up in my inbox and I can't catch up or there isn't an email address attached to the comment.  I switched methods, and I now reply to the comments within the comment section of the post.  If you would like to see my reply, just click the notify me box on the lower right corner of the comment box.  I don't get much time to myself, so this is a huge time saver for me!


Today I was spit up on and pooped on.  All I could do was laugh! Welcome to the life of a mom.


I'm on a smoothie kick.  Today's version was delicious:  Milk, Ice, Bananas, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Drink Mix.  It was a nice change from my favorite Strawberry-Banana Smoothie!


Only 12 more days of school left!  It would have been 6, but they have to make up snow days. We all are really looking forward to the (lazier) days of Summer!


Mondays are rough, but this one was good. Very good!


  1. Hi Stephanie! I don't get to read much anymore but I was on Facebook and saw your post. So glad little Liam is doing well. He is just as cute as the rest of them! He and Owen are just two tiny little guys. Owen is still only 16.6 lbs at 17 months!

    Congrats to your hubs on the new job. So good to hear you are all doing well!

  2. Thank you so much!
    Awww, Owen is a little guy. I hope you all are doing well!

  3. Wow, the summer is almost here! (By the way, thank you for your post about kindergarten. It made me feel so much better, and now I'm rethinking public school again for him next year :) I loved your previous post. You're such an amazing writer!

    1. Thank you!
      It's a tough decision to make. I wish you luck!!!

  4. Liam is so blessed to be part of your family, I cant tell you that enough and I am so glad I finally got to meet him....he is such a sweet little man I just want to eat him up!!!

    smoothies are amazing, I love mine w. Vanilla Almond Milk strawberries and spinach or kale

    1. Thank you! Glad we got to see you! I'm going to have to try it with Vanilla Almond Milk!

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