Our Five Ring Circus: All About Lily, er, Elsa

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All About Lily, er, Elsa

It's hard to believe that in 3 short months, my sweet Liliana is going to be THREE!

Lily is full of personality!  She's sweet, she's sassy, she's stubborn, and she's funny.  She is ridiculously cute and makes us laugh every single day!


Lily had a lot of change in her life over the past 9 months.  She went from being the baby of the family to being a big sister.  While a lot of kids would have acted out, Lily stepped into the big sister role with ease.  She adores her baby brother and has never been anything but gentle and loving with him.  She tells everyone that he is "My Miam."


Out of all our kids, Lily is the funniest.  Here are a few recent Lily-isms:

*Lily is obsessed with Frozen.  So much that she thinks she's Elsa. On Easter Sunday, a woman at church asked what her name was.  Without missing a beat, she replied, "Elsa."

*That isn't convincing?  Most of the time, when we call her Lily, she refuses to answer until we call her Elsa.  She will even say, "I not Lily, I'm Elsa!!!"

*A recent conversation:  Me: "What's your name?"  Lily: "Elsa."  Me: "Who is your sister?" Lily: "Lexie."  Me: "Not Anna?" Lily: "No.  Lexie."

*I was holding her the other day while Grant was holding Liam.  Lily pointed to herself, then me, then Grant, then Liam. She said, "I Elsa, You Elsa, He boy, and Him a boy."

*Her hairstyle of choice is an Elsa braid.  Every single day, she accessorizes with a red cape or a ribbon crown around her neck worn as a cape.  Ever since World Down Syndrome Day, when she wore 2 different socks, she has worn two different socks or shoes around the house.


*Lily is very stubborn and determined. She likes to do everything herself. Her favorite phrase used to be "Lily do it!" She quickly earned the nickname Lily Do from my dad.  Now, it's "I got it, I got it."  It sounds much cuter in her little voice.  "I dot it. I dot it."

*Lily insists that Spiderman is Orange Batman.  

*Lily has a unique style.  Hoodie?  Check.  Tutu dress? Check.  Snow boots?  Check. Whatever she wears, she has to tell us, "PRETTY!!!"


*She calls a butterfly a bubblefly.

*She calls flip flops "Slip-Sops."

*She came into our bedroom in the middle of the night. She was whimpering.  "My knees hurt.  They are sick."

*She was running through the house in her play "high hoes" (high heels), slipped, and hit her head on the wall. She started crying, "My noggin!!! I hit my noggin!"

*She loves to sing and loves to play Just Dance. Her favorite dances are Time Warp, The Final Countdown, and Ghostbusters.


*Whenever Paw Patrol comes on she squeals, "My favorite show!!!"

*She has unique tastes for breakfast.  The other morning she asked for spaghetti-o's (which I rarely buy, plus she has only had it once or twice before) hot tea, and an orange.  The next morning?  "I want soup." "What kind of soup?"  "Pink soup."  One would thing this was tomato soup, but it wasn't.  She wanted noodle soup.

*Yesterday, she asked for a black sammich.  I was thoroughly confused.  I had to resort to having her show me what she wanted.  Just for the record, she wanted a Nutella sandwich.

*This morning, Grant offered her a lifesaver mint before he left.  She said, "Don't want that. No thank you.  Too hard."  Grant replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know if you liked them or not." She stared up at him and said, "NOT."

Lily is quite a character!  She is acting very three these days (The Terrible Twos? HA! What a joke?  It's the threes that get you.), but she's still the same sweet, loving, well-behaved girl. She's just having fun testing her limits! One thing is certain: Lily has a way of capturing hearts with her sweet, bubbly personality.

I absolutely adore this sweet girl!



  1. She is so pretty! My youngest turns 3 in July. And you are so right, terrible 2's have nothing on the 3's. So much of this post reminded me of my littlest lady.

  2. what a little doll - she's just precious!!! Her and my little guy have close birthdays, I remember - he'll be 3 in less than 2 months, which I can't even fathom!

    Love her style, too ;)

  3. She is so adorable!! I love reading all of her sayings, etc... Since she is only about 8 months behind Cole it is cute to see the differences. You guys have such beautiful kids!!


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