Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at 8 Months

Friday, May 16, 2014

Liam at 8 Months


Dear Liam,
  Happy 8 months, my sweet boy! Every time I blink, another month flies by.  You are rapidly approaching your first birthday and getting bigger every day!
  Gone is the tiny newborn.  In its place is a determined little baby that just wants to move and sit up and play.  I am in awe of your strength and determination.  You will often work until you end up in tears, but will keep trying until you achieve your goal. Your achievements often bring me to tears, because I know how hard you work.
  You are such a blessing.  I truly didn't realize what was missing from my life until I met you. Your huge smile can make even the darkest day seem better.
   I am so thankful you were given to us and I'm so proud of you.  I love being your mama!
  I love you with all my heart and soul, Liam.  I always will.

Love, Mama


MILESTONES:  Crunching up into a sitting position and beginning to self feed.

TOOTH COUNT: None!  I'm shocked.  Dylan, Lexie, and Lily had teeth at 4 months old.  We were told you may take longer to cut teeth.

COMFORTS: Nursing, cuddling, being carried in our awesome Ergo, and chewing on your fingers.

FIRSTS:  Between 7-8 months you began to self feed and eat lots of table foods. We also participated in many Easter-related activities, and you got to meet the Easter Bunny (you were unimpressed).

EATING:  You are breastfed and you have 2 pureed meals a day.  You are beginning to eat table foods when we eat our meals and you are eating a few puffs in between meals. You LOVE to eat and get so excited about meals!

SLEEPING:  You continue to be a noisy sleeper due to your mild Laryngomalacia, and you still wake up to eat.  I do nurse you then because you are still small. However, you do sleep 12 hours a night and you nap consistently throughout the day.

SOUNDS/WORDS: You are so talkative!  You love to babble and you make the mamamama, dadadada, bababababa, lalalalala, yayayaya, and iya-iya-iya-iya babbling sounds.  I swear, you said mama several times.


LIKES:  Eating, snuggling, standing, hanging out in the Ergo, playing with your toys, chewing on your fingers, babbling, playing on your playmat, splashing in the tub, rubbing your feet together, and interacting with your family and friends.

DISLIKES:  Being hungry or cold, teething, getting your nose/face wiped, getting strapped into your car seat, and being positioned on your knees.

FAVORITE TOYS:  OBalls, OBall Car, Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, Sophie the Giraffe,  Link-a-doos, Musical Mirror, Triangle Learning Toy,  Laugh and Learn Puppy, and your feet.


NICKNAMES:  Miam (thanks to your sister, Lily), Little Dude, and Buddy.  

HEALTH:  You have mild reflux and mild Laryngomalacia.  You had an appointment with your ENT and they did a simple scope again.  Your adenoids are about 40-50% enlarged, but your Laryngomalacia is going away on its own.  We are so lucky that you are so healthy!!!


EARLY INTERVENTION:  You have OT on Mondays for an hour and PT on Tuesdays for an hour.  Your nutritionist comes once a month. Your therapists are wonderful!  We are so lucky to have all your therapy sessions in our home! We are continuing to work on getting you to sit on your own without support, to maintain a crawling position, teaching you how to tilt your cup and pick up puffs, and getting you to gain weight.

STATS:  12 1/2 pounds and 27 1/4 inches. This is the month that you filled out!


WEARING: FINALLY size 1 diapers, 0-3 month clothing, and the smallest shoes possible!


PERSONALITY: You continue to light up the room with your joyful personality.  You have the biggest, happiest smile and you love to socialize.  You are an absolute joy!



  1. Happy 8 months Liam...look at you grow!

  2. Oh my goodness, that first picture is enough to brighten anyone's day. He is just the cutest and I cant believe he's already 8 months old!

  3. Love this picture. Makes me smile

  4. Happy 8 months!!! He is soooooo cute!!!

  5. He is so cute! It sounds like he's doing really well, too. Happy 8 months!

  6. Liam's been growing some hair!
    I'm still nursing my 14 month old, 23 lber at night ;).

    1. It just keeps growing on top!
      Good for you! I nursed Lily until 14 months, then she quit. I plan on going until at least a year with Liam, but probably a bit longer!

  7. He is just the sweetest! That bow tie? Adorable. Love his little smiles!!

  8. That's a little of joy from a little man! He is the sweetest. All my boys were late teethers- Wells just got his first two in the middle of his 8th month and there aren't any more on the horizon.

    1. Thank you!
      Dylan, Lexie, and Lily had their first two teeth at 4 months, so this is new for us!

  9. He's growing so fast! YAY Miam!

  10. I just cant, he is just too cute!!!! xoxo


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