Our Five Ring Circus: Liam at Two Months Old

Friday, October 18, 2013

Liam at Two Months Old


MILESTONES:  You learned how to roll the other way-from belly to back.  Your head control improved, you found your hands, you were able to maintain eye contact for long periods of time, you tracked toys and turned toward familiar voices, you began to coo, and your smiles got bigger and more frequent!



COMFORTS:  You love to be swaddled, you love to be warm,  and you love to cuddle. 


FIRSTS:  You enjoyed your first trip to the pumpkin patch...so much that you slept through it!  Unfortunately, you had your first hospital stay.  You were actually in the hospital on the day you turned 2 months old.

EATING: You are breastfed and you are supplemented with a high calorie formula.

SLEEPING:  You sleep very well, just like your siblings.  We wake once at night to nurse.  Even though you could sleep an 8-10 hour stretch (and have on days I forgot to wake you!), you are still so tiny that you need an extra feeding.  You nap regularly throughout the day.


SOUNDS/WORDS:  You started to coo this month!  It is the cutest thing! You squeak while you nurse.  You sound just like a baby mouse!  We just found out that it's due to the laryngomalacia. 

LIKES:  Cuddling, being warm, nursing, hanging out with Dylan and Lexie, laying on your playmat, snoozing in your rock and play, taking baths in the big tub, being carried in the Moby wrap or Baby Bjorn, and swinging in your swing.


DISLIKES:  Being cold, getting your diaper changed, getting dressed, and getting strapped into your car seat.

NICKNAMES:  Little Dude, Little Man, and Buddy.  And, of course, Miam, which is what your sister, Lily, calls you!


HEALTH:  We are very fortunate that you don't have any health concerns.  The only issue we're dealing with is your lack of weight gain.  You ended up in the hospital so they could figure out why you're gaining so slowly.  You just burn almost as many calories as you take in.  We did find out that you had mild reflux and laryngomalacia (floppy airways)...both should go away over the course of a year. Even though you're so skinny, you are healthy and content, and that's what matters!

STATS:  7 lbs 10 oz and 22.5 inches


WEARING:  Newborn and Preemie diapers, Preemie onesies, and Newborn clothing. Your ankles are so skinny that socks won't stay on, and size 0 shoes are still too big!

PERSONALITY: You are the sweetest, most gentle boy.  You are very content, and only cry when you are hungry, tired, or hurting. You are already very social, and want to be sitting with your family when you are awake. You have already captured the hearts of everyone in your life.


 Dear Liam,

  It's hard to believe that 2 months have passed since you were born!  We celebrated this month's milestone in the hospital.  Luckily, we were released that afternoon and were able to enjoy a dinner out with Daddy's family!
  Every day with you is a blessing.  You bring so much joy to our lives, and to those around you. Your birth changed our entire family in an amazing way! 
  When we first heard what the doctor suspected, the shock and worry consumed us.  But Down Syndrome does not define who you are.  You are just Liam.  A beautiful baby boy that acts like any other 2 month old and looks exactly like his older brother.
  Your smile melts hearts and the sweetness in your eyes makes me cry.  Every milestone you reach is simply amazing because we know how hard you are working. I have a feeling that your determination is going to wow us all!
  In the two months that you have been in our lives, we have grown as a family.  You truly do complete us.  We didn't even realize what we were missing until you joined us.
  Two months ago, I was asking God why this happened to you.  Now I'm thanking God for putting you into our lives.  You are exactly who you are supposed to be and we are better people because of YOU.
  I love you forever, sweet baby boy!  I look forward to all my days with you!




  1. He is sooooo stinkin' cute!!! LOVE every picture!

  2. He is so so so adorable. I love the picture of his sweet little smile in the pumpkin hat. Cuteness overload!

  3. Happy 2nd month Liam. We love you little man!

  4. <3 Everything about this post makes me smile! What baby doesn't love cuddling?! I know Savanna is 6 months and still loves the wrap:)

  5. He's so precious and I love the pics with the white background. They came out great!

  6. Oh that first picture in the basket, love love love!! Did you take it, you did such a great job! Love baby coos and noises. So glad he is continue to grow and develop. Love how you have him wedged into that chair :)

  7. Love his sweet smile! How is he 2 months old already?!

  8. My favorite part of this post:" Two months ago, I was asking God why this happened to you. Now I'm thanking God for putting you into our lives. You are exactly who you are supposed to be and we are better people because of YOU." Happy 2 months Liam! We love you! xoxo

  9. He is so precious! I love his little smile :) your letter to him is so sweet!

  10. Such a sweet boy! Wells isn't rolling or sleeping through the night, so Liam, feel free to send some notes. So glad everything is going well!

  11. Happy 2-month little cutie!!! You have such a sweet smile!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I love the basket pictures! So cute! He is an absolute blessing my friend. And I agree with him about not liking being cold. ;) It has been getting nippy out and I have been keeping bundled! :) I hope all is well! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  13. Happy 2 months little one! Love his little smile!

  14. Happy 2 months little love - he's precious!! I love the basket pics with the cozy hat.

  15. Beautiful baby boy and letter at the end. Love how he's growing and his personality.


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