Our Five Ring Circus: Just Lily

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Lily


Each of my children have a special gift.  Lily's gift is that she can bring a smile to the face of anyone she meets!

Lily is full of life! She is happy, bubbly, sweet, affectionate, sassy, and funny!

*When we get her out of the crib in the morning, she greets us in the most excited voice, "E-You, Daddy!" or "E-You, Mommy!"   That would be thank you in Lily speak.

*Every morning, I ask her what she wants for breakfast.  She sucks her thumb, while thinking it over, then responds, "Uh...Buh Bread."  (Butter Bread) or "Waf-foo."  (Waffle)

*She loves to dance.  We joke that she can't control the wiggle, because she can often be found dancing in her car seat or chair at the table, without any music playing.

*She will sing along to any song on the radio.

*When the kids play Just Dance, Lily joins in.  If she hears the song on the radio or iPod, she will perform some of the dance moves from the game!

*She wears a tutu almost every day.  Over her pants, with pajamas, under a dress... She calls it her "skut."  (Skirt)

*She calls her bum her boo-ty.  If she falls down, she will hold her bum and say, "My boo-ty!  Owie, my boo-ty!"

*She loves Mee-Mouse (Minnie Mouse) and Do-Wa (Dora).

*Her favorite lunch is Ah-Cheese.  (Mac 'n Cheese)

*Soup is Poop and Book is Boop.

*Water is La-Loo and Lollipop is Bee-Ba.  No matter how many times we correct her, she still uses her words!

*She mispronounces many words, but can say long or difficult words perfectly!

*Before naptime and bedtime, we have to say a prayer and sing Teetle.  (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

*She calls people by the funniest names.  Dylan is Dih-Din.  Lexie is Yes-She.  Liam is Miam.  Amber is Am-BRRRRR or Ambo or Amboo.  Aunt Annie is Aunt Ninnie.  Uncle Eric is Unc-ew Oshosh.  Uncle Mack is Uncle Butt.  (The best.  Obviously!)

*She loves bee-bees.  (Babies)

*Her favorite show is Boohbahs.

*She loves to play with her baby dolls and the doll house.

*Her favorite shoes are flip-flops.

*She has to drink "Fof-fee" with mommy every morning.  Coffee is 1 teaspoon of coffee mixed with milk and a bit of creamer.

*She potty trained very quickly.  Completely pee-trained before she turned 2, and completely day trained 1 week later.  She still wears an "Up-Up" (pull up) at nighttime.

*She claps her hands and says "YAY!"  for everybody that uses the potty.  She cheered for our friend as she walked out of a port-a-potty yesterday!

*She calls herself Lee-Lee.

*She loves to do EVERYTHING herself.  She says, "NO!  LeeLee do it!"

*When she poops on the potty, she mutters over and over again, "Ah Poopin.  Ah Poopin.  Poopin.  Ah Poopin."

*When she gets hurt, she says, "Owie.  Owie owie owie!"

*She still falls asleep at least once a week on our Great Dane.  

*She doesn't have a lovey, but still sucks her thumb.  When she's tired, she sucks her thumb will twisting her earring with her other hand.

*She loves her bank-it.  (Blanket)  She has to bring it with her when she wakes up in the morning, take it to the bus stop, take it in the car, and take it back to bed with her.  Any blanket will do.

*She often insists on sleeping in shoes at night.

*She loves to read.  Her favorite books are Ah-Moon (Goodnight Moon), Miss Spider's ABC's, and Sesame Street Pumpkin Patch Party.

*When she sees Liam's poopy diaper, she says, "Ewww, Scusting.  Scusting!!!"  (Disgusting)

 *If we have to leave her, when we return, she greets us so happily, "HI, Mommy!!!"  "Hi, Daddy!!!"

*She puckers up her lips and leans in for a smooch when someone leaves, then insists on a "ha."  (Hug)

*Recently, we stopped to visit Grant's dad's grave.  I parked in front of the stone, got Lily out of the car, then went around to get Liam out.  When I checked on her, I found her kneeling in front of her Pap Pap's stone, sucking her thumb.  She had found it on her own.

Photo: We stopped by the cemetery yesterday to visit Grant's Dad's grave. I got Lily out of the car, then went to the other side to get Liam. When I checked to see where she was, I saw this...

*A few weeks ago, Grant was putting hot sauce on something.  Lily wanted to try it, so Grant dipped a fish stick in it and handed it to her.  She took a bit, smiled, and said, "Dood!"  (Good)  Slowly, her smile faded and a disgusted look took over.  She literally growled at Grant, "HOT SAUCE!"

*Finally, the other day we were walking with a friend.  Lily loves bugs, so I handed her a caterpillar, just as I have done many times before. She loves when they crawl on her hand. (We call them Wooly Bears here in PA!)  She picked it up, and held it to her cheek, but something went wrong.  I'm not sure if it scratched her or bit her (do they even bite?!?), but she squeezed it and caterpillar guts shot into her eye.   It was completely repulsive, but then she started crying as she sat the warm on her stroller tray.  "Saw-wy, wom, Saw-wy.  I saw-wy."  I felt so bad for her because she didn't mean to hurt it.  Later that day, her eye ended up infected.  Luckily, it cleared up by morning!

Lily is quite a character!  She makes us laugh and smile every single day.  She brings so much joy to our lives! 


  1. love her!!!!!

    She is such a little character!!! That caterpillar story is so creepy lol.

  2. That is so sweet - the picture of her sitting by the grave sucking her thumb.

  3. oh my goodness. I'm so glad you did this update on her. How stinkin' cute. That picture of her in front of Grant's Dad's grave stone made me tear up!

  4. The hot sauce is so funny. My kids are weird and actually like it. I do too but I cant believe a child does!! =) She is the sweetest, I love following along and wish that her and Savannah could hang out!! Lily seems to have the sweetest soul!!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

  5. What a sweetheart! Loved getting to know her through this post.

  6. What a sweetheart! Loved getting to know her through this post.

  7. She sounds like such a great kid! Love her sayings!!

  8. so cute reading all those things about her!!! :)

  9. what a precious, special gal you have - she puts a smile on my face even from afar and I love her little language :)

  10. Bless her heart being so upset over the worm! Evie does not like bugs thank good because I don't do bugs either! Bulldozers sure! Bugs no!

  11. such a sweet post and little girl!
    I love all her words...they remind me of Mackenzies words and I'm the only one who can 'decipher' them. My poor husband is so lost some times and I walk in and hear her once and let him know what she's saying. It's never what he thought. :o)

  12. Awe, this made me smile just reading it. She looks so sweet!

  13. She sounds like a hoot! My favorite was the "Ah Poopin."


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