Our Five Ring Circus: TOT Trial Run

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TOT Trial Run

Every year, our local high school holds a Trick or Treat night at the school.  It's a great event!  Each classroom is decorated with a different theme, and the students dress up according to that theme. Also, it's warm, dry, fun, and the kids get a ton of candy!

Yesterday, we picked up Amber and Jack and drove to the school. When we walked in, we ran into our friend, Josh, and his son, Alex, so we joined them! We got there before it started, so we weren't too far back in line.

The kids waited impatiently for trick or treating to begin!


Amber happily took baby duty, so I could help Lily trick or treat.  This was the first year that she understood what to do!


We quickly made our rounds through all the classrooms.


The kids were mesmerized by all the fun themes and costumed students. There was just so much to see! 

Lily was a pro before we were finished.  If she got a piece of candy she really liked, she immediately opened it.  At the last room, one of the students dropped a piece of candy as she was handing it to Lily.  Lily bent over to pick it up, and saw candy all over the floor.  She insisted on picking up each piece and handing it back to the students.  When she finished, the girls ended up dumping it all into her bag for being so helpful!


Liam slept the entire time.  He woke up briefly to flash a sleepy smile at Amber!


After we finished, we headed to the cafeteria for a drink and a snack, and then headed home.  We were in and out within 45 minutes!

Trick or Treating is a lot more fun with friends!


It was a fun night, and somehow, I always end up with extra kids!

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  1. Such a cute idea! Wish our school did something like this. Our kids are having a Halloween Party and it's "wacky socks" day at school. Nick is pretty excited about it:)

  2. They look so cute!!! I love that the high school does that!!

  3. what an awesome event. The kids' costumes look AWESOME - Lily's is my favorite!

  4. Our school does the trunk or treat, but I love this idea as it is inside and WARM!

  5. I wish our school did this! I love this idea!!! Glad you all had fun!!

  6. That's a great idea for a way to get the kids to trick or treat safely and I love all their costumes!

  7. That's awesome! It seems like it always rains on Halloween. I wish our local schools did something like this for the neighborhood!

  8. Love all the costumes! And what a fun event!

  9. So adorable! We are heading to an after Halloween party on Saturday. It is a way to donate some of the extra candy that I know I surely do not need. ;) These pictures are so cute! Happy Halloween my friend!

    Mama Hen

  10. they all look adorable! love that sleepy smile from Liam.

  11. Love all their costumes!! Especially the little pea pod, how cute is that!


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