Our Five Ring Circus: The Weeknight Rush

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Weeknight Rush

Over the past month, it has felt like baseball has consumed our lives! Now that Dylan has moved up from T-Ball to baseball, he has a much more demanding schedule. We love to watch our little man play baseball, but it's really hard getting used to weeknight ball games that last much longer than a T-Ball game!

Not only are the games on a school night, but they don't end until 8:00 or later! My kids go to bed around 7:30 on weeknights, so this has been quite an adjustment. By the time we arrive home, it's a mad rush to give the kids a snack, get them bathed, and put them to bed!

Tonight I was on my own, because Grant had a concert to go to. Luckily, my dad, my sister and her family, and our good friends were able to join us at the game. Dylan was so excited to have them there, and had the energy to prove it!

He played so well tonight! It's a shame that Grant had to miss it! He started out the game by being the first up to bat, and the first one to score. He hit the balls hard, and ran fast! The icing on the cake was that he got to play the coveted spot in the field!

He loves playing pitcher, and even stopped a ball tonight with his face! It surprised him, but everybody cheered, and a few seconds later, he gave the crowd a thumbs up!


He had a great time, and I think his little cheering section helped!


It may be hard getting used to the schedule, but playing sports is well worth it! Baseball will continue to consume our lives for the next 7 weeks, and then the mad rush will begin to prepare for a baby that is due a month later!


  1. You are busy these days girl! I know sometimes I just feel like a taxi...To bad I don't get paid! lol

  2. Oh man, that would be tough. We are going to start T-ball next spring with Jacob and I can't wait. Kid has an arm! Katelynn is in dance right now and it's only one night a week, thank God. I could see things getting a bit more hectic for me later on with both of them in activites. Now I get how my mom felt. Ha!

  3. Gooooo Dylan!!! I love watching my boys play sports, but I'm always happier when the seasons are over & we can go back to our normal routine!!!

  4. That is cute that he gave his fans a thumbs up - I love it! I am having trouble keeping our 8 pm bedtime now that it's nice out, and we don't even have baseball to keep us out!

  5. I'm just still trying to get used to the T-BALL rush! I'm dreading a later schedule, ha ha!

    So glad he was okay and I'm sure he loved having his fans there!


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