Our Five Ring Circus: 27 Weeks

Monday, May 9, 2011

27 Weeks

My 2nd trimester is ending this week, and with it comes many appointments with my OB, due to the frequency of the contractions and the fact that I'm starting to dilate. I dilated really early with Dylan and Lexie, but we're praying that these pre-labor contractions don't morph into the real thing! I'll be going almost every week now to be checked, and have scheduled all the appointments. The OB didn't schedule me past 38 weeks, because she doesn't think I'll make it until then! Until that point...grow, Nugget, grow!

May 9, 2011

How far along:
27 weeks! This is the last week of my 2nd trimester!

Total Weight Gained:
I gained back 1.5 pounds of the weight I lost.

How big is baby? Nugget is 14.5 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds.

How baby is growing: Nugget is sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his/her eyes, and even sucking his/her fingers. Nugget's brain is very active now. While Nugget's lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he/she were to be born now. babycenter.com

Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing my regular clothes.

Sleep: I'm starting to wake up more frequently at night.

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week:
Hearing the heartbeat again at my appointment last week. That sound gets me every time!

: Nugget is very active, and spends a lot of time moving around. Lately, Nugget has been attacking the waistband of my pants. He/She hates it when my pants, even loose ones, are over my belly, so I have to push my pants down really low!

Food Cravings: No cravings yet.

Food Aversions:
Lemonade. Yuck!

Morning Sickness:
I still take Zofran every day.

We didn't find out! I have a feeling of what Nugget is, but I'm obviously not certain!

Morning (all day) sickness, leg cramps at night (though not severe), breakouts, and tons of strong and frequent Braxton Hicks contractions. Between the tightening from the contractions and my growing baby, I feel like my uterus is going to burst. The contractions are starting to get really uncomfortable.

Exercise: Walking 4-5 days a week, but I had to slow down my pace.

What I miss:
Feeling normal. I honestly forget what it's like!

What I'm looking forward to:
Getting my gestational diabetes test over with this week!

27 Week Picture:



  1. That is SO a girl! Ridin' high!

  2. You look fabulous! Praying that baby stays put for awhile!

  3. Good luck with your test this week! You look as beautiful as ever!

  4. Now THAT is a baby bump! Yay!!!!!

  5. Wow - you look great!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  6. You look awesome! Good luck with your test.

  7. Woo hoo!! Look at that belly!! Grow baby grow!

  8. I can't believe you're still wearing regular clothes! Amazing! Funny how lemonade makes you queasy though.

  9. Wow! Already at the end of your second trimester. It's going so fast (for me! Ha!)

  10. I hope the baby stays put for a while for you guys!!! And as always, you look adorable :)

  11. You are so adorable! No cravings yet? I always crave something! Ha! The picture is so cute. I hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day! have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  12. Hang in there Mama! I'll be praying that little nugget stays put and grows. Your bump is just too cute!!!

  13. love it.. your belly is slowly starting to show more and more!


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