Our Five Ring Circus: Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

I spent the majority of my day at doctors offices!

First up was Lexie. She has been battling a really high fever, and I figured it was time for her to attend her first-ever sick visit. She hasn't had any other symptoms, other than complaining that her head and stomach hurt. She woke up miserable this morning, but right after I made the appointment, she was acting much better. I'm sure it was the tylenol kicking in!

After a thorough exam, her strep test came back with a faint positive. She is now on her first antibiotic to treat it, but we are on the lookout for other symptoms of a more serious illness. The pediatrician is hoping that it's just strep, and that she will feel better in 24-48 hours!

We've been so fortunate that she's been able to go four years without a sick visit or antibiotic, but I really hope she feels completely better soon!

After a quick stop at the pharmacy to pick up her amoxicillin, we went back to the same office complex for my 26 week prenatal appointment. We arrived at 1:25 and didn't leave until 3:05...insane!

My blood pressure is perfect, and I gained 1.5 pounds of the weight back that I lost. Once the OB came in, she decided to do a complete exam due to all my braxton hicks contractions, and found that I'm starting to dilate. It was only about a half cm, but it was enough for her to decide that I need to come in for more frequent visits. She did another urine test to make sure I wasn't having issues with a bladder infection or UTI, which could cause the contractions, but it came back negative. The good news is that I'm measuring right at 26 weeks, and Nugget's heartbeat is strong!

I went through the same situation with both Dylan and Lexie. I was hospitalized for preterm labor at 30 weeks with Dylan, and he stayed put until nearly 36 weeks. I started to dilate at 28 weeks with Lexie, and had tons of contractions. She stayed put until 38 weeks, so hopefully Nugget will follow her lead!

For now, I don't have many restrictions. I'm supposed to continue to stay off my feet after I put the kids to bed, and she wants me to take frequent sitting breaks throughout the day. I'm supposed to drink lots of water and pay close attention to the contractions to make sure they aren't changing. As for exercise, I can continue walking, but I'm not allowed to pick up the pace or walk a lot of hills.

Even with bed rest, I continued to dilate with Dylan, so she's not in a rush to place restrictions on me just yet. If I begin to dilate rapidly, or start experiencing a lot of preterm labor issues, that will obviously change.

Despite the more frequent appointments, I'm happy that they will be keeping a close eye on my progress! Now, I'm just praying that Nugget stays put until it's safe to come out!!!


  1. Hugs. We love ya! Nugget, stay put :)

  2. Lots of sticky vibes that Nugget stays put for quite a bit longer!

    I hope Lexie feels better soon. Being sick is miserable.

  3. My doc said a woman begins dilating earlier when she's had previous pregnancies. I was dilated to 0.5 cm at 22 wks, at 32 wks they determined I was 1cm. I haven't had hardly any contractions!! However my cervix is still nice and long. I am sure nugget will stay put like a good "girl"!!

  4. Oh my! I had to give all 5 of mine eviction notices..he he! They were all late! I hope your little one stays put a while longer and that you don't have to be put on bedrest. I'm sure that would be really hard already having 2 little ones. Take care! :)

  5. Oh man! I would be so nervous! At least you've been through it before! Wow! I'll be praying that everything goes according to His plan!

  6. Hope Lexi feels better soon and I hope that the little babe stays put :) Keep putting on that weight!

  7. I am so impressed Lexie hasn't had a sick visit till now! WOW. SO sad she's sick though. Hope she feels better soon!

    I'm sure even though you've been through pre-term labor before it's still scary. I'll be praying everything stays calm and little Nugget stays put!

  8. wow, i can't believe this is lexie's first sick visit. i hope she gets better.

    take it easy, momma.

  9. Aww poor Lexie, hope she'll be fine soon! And I'm sure Nugget will! :) I was put into bed rest twice during my pregnancy with my little tot due to spotting. But still til I reached my full term, I was dilated to only 1cm after 18hours of labor. So I got no choice but to undergo CSD.

    have a great week too sissy!

  10. Wow, 4 years without being sick! That's awesome. I hope she feels better soon.

    And, I hope things with you and nugget stay the same for awhile longer.

    Happy Mother's Day Stefanie!

  11. I hope your little Lexie is feeling better soon! And you--26 weeks--how exciting! You take care and make sure you get lots of rest.


  12. tell that precious baby to hang out a while longer :) Hope Lexie gets to feeling better soon, that's NO fun!!

  13. I hope that Lexie is feeling much better. Poor girl. She is very lucky to have gone this long with not being sick. I hope that you do not catch it or anyone else for that matter. I hope Nugget decides to follow big sisters lead and stays put for as long as possible. Take care and get plenty of rest =)

  14. You are amazing with your great attitude~! Nugget will certainly stay put, right!? Rest up~

  15. Happy Mother's Day sweetie! I'm thinking of you and your family. I hope that nugget just hangs tight and that Lex is feeling better now. Keep us posted. I'm behind on my blog reading but will catch up with yours this week! XO


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