Our Five Ring Circus: Life Goes On

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life Goes On

I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support that I received after I posted about what was going on.

I had a long, sleepless night, but life continued on today. Life doesn't allow me to stop and wallow in my misery. Which is a good thing.

And now, back to my regular posts...

A few things:

{1} Lexie is doing GREAT in her new bed. I was worrying for nothing. She does ask to get her crib back when she first climbs into bed, but falls asleep quickly, on her own. She stays in her bed all night. She doesn't get out of it until she has my permission. Naps have even gone well! I'm so relieved!

{2} Today, we found out who Dylan's Kindergarten teacher is. I'm happy to report that she's one of the teachers that I was hoping for! Dylan saw her picture, and proudly showed his new teacher's picture to everybody around him. I'm so happy that he's looking forward to school. (At least one of us is!) Plus, he has a Pre-K classmate in his Kindergarten class!

{3} I started Christmas shopping in January this year, and I now have 5 people finished!

{4} Dylan's grass allergy? He outgrew it! He didn't get any hives this year!!!

I figured it was time to focus on some good things!


  1. I love Christmas shopping early too, but I haven't been motivated this year...I better get started, I'm usually half way finished by Sept!!

    Glad things seem to be looking up for you and family...will keep you in my thoughts.

    So happy your son is excited about school and his new teacher! Ahh I will have a little one in MDO preschool this year, two days a week and I'm nervous! Ha!

  2. Wow! You're already done shopping for 5 people? Cool!
    As soon as Daisy's birthday is over I will start focusing on christmas!

  3. I cannot believe you have five people off your Christmas list! I am so last minute. I try not to be, but it just always happens that way!

  4. I'm so happy to hear Dylan is excited for school. Zack loves it. I feel bad for him during the summer now because as much fun as we try to have, he misses his friends. We're counting down the days to first grade. We can't wait!

    I'm so glad Lexie is doing well in her bed too. Zander was awesome at bed transitioning---Zack not so much.

  5. I envy your early Christmas shopping skills. I really don't start until November. I like to torture myself that way. :)

  6. I have started Christmas shopping too! But just this past week.

    We need to get Bucket a bed... were going to get bunkbeds this week, the kind that come apart into 2 separate beds, but then our fridge broke down :(

    Hope you're ok.

  7. Way to go on the Christmas shopping! I am glad you are more organized than me!!


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