Our Five Ring Circus: Accidents Happen

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Accidents Happen

My kids have been accident prone over the past few days. This is normal for Dylan. Not so normal for Lexie. I shouldn't be surprised! I can honestly say that they get it from me!

Yesterday, we had a fun playdate at the pool with some of Dylan's best Pre-K buddies. When Dylan saw Tommy and Evan for the first time since school ended in May, they immediately hugged. They definitely have been missing each other!

The boys had a great time together. They swam, played on the playground, and crowded onto a bench to eat their pizza lunch. They were so cute together. They kept hugging all day!

Lexie did have a great time, because she loves swimming, but she wasn't as lucky.

Accident #1: I was standing at the bottom of the ladder to the water slide. Lexie decided that she didn't want to slide down, so she came back down. As she reached the bottom, she turned around, and her feet slipped. I caught her, but her head hit the ground.

Accident #2: Lexie was playing on the splash pad with Dylan, his friends, and their siblings. Lexie started to walk back to the baby pool, and slipped on a solid metal cap in the ground. She landed on her back, and her head hit the cap with a loud bang. After the tears ended, I put a chair over the cap, and told the lifeguard that it needs to be covered, because it was really slippery!

Fortunately, my water baby had a great time swimming between accident #1 and accident #2.


We had a really busy day today. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning out our SUV. We went to my parent's house for dinner, so I didn't have to cook tonight.

Dylan and Lexie love my parent's sun conure, Skittles. Skittles is an adorable little bird. She constantly says, "Kissy Kissy" and then makes the kissing sound. She usually follows this with a nibble on your lip.

They were so excited when Papa let them hold Skittles today! They eagerly put on sweatshirts (to guard against her sharp nails) and were thrilled when Skittles sat on their shoulders!

I didn't have my camera, but my dad let me borrow his old one!


Skittles loved Lexie. I think it was her hair! She kept burrowing under it, and Lexie was the lucky recipient of many kissy kissys.


My sister, Andrea, and 3 of my nephews joined us for dinner. That's when the chaos began. Three 5 year olds, a 6 year old, and a 3 year old can make a lot of noise!

After dinner, Dylan had his accident. The boys were running around in the yard, and accidentally crashed into each other. Dylan's head hit Brady's mouth really hard...which knocked a tooth loose!

Poor Brady's mouth was bleeding, his gum was cut, and his tooth didn't look good. I sure hope he's going to be okay! I felt so bad for him.

Dylan got away with a bump to the forehead. All that remains of the accident is a tooth mark above his eyebrow.

I could say it was payback.

You see, while I had my head turned, my sister licked my bread at dinner. A few minutes later, she felt a twinge of guilt and switched her bread with mine, and told me what she did. After I had taken a bite. I just shrugged, and kept eating. I have 7 older siblings. I'm used to this.

To return the favor, I just may have licked her spoon before I stuck it in her dessert dish. Imagine my disappointment when she decided she was too full for dessert.


I have a lot of packing and cleaning to do tomorrow. I had good intentions when I decided that I was going to pack early. I just never followed through.

Hopefully, tomorrow is accident free!


  1. LOL! I'm the 3rd child in a family of 4...oh siblings! =) Hope all the owies are gone by today...jeepers!

  2. LOL at you and your sister pulling pranks on each other.

    That bird is seriously pretty (and I don't like birds). Skittles is a great name for it, with all that color.

    I hope Lexie has a better day today.

  3. wow, a fun-filled day with a few accidents...but at least everyone was alright! That is funny about you and your sister. sadly, that is why I always wanted a brother or sister, to do silly things like that! Ha, I guess that's not something to be jealous of normally, but when you're an only child, you get desperate :)

  4. We are very accident prone too. When Ethan was about 3 he came walking down the hall w/ Jonathan's skateboard helmet on. Jonathan told me he gave it to him to wear b/c he always his hitting his head. Ha! Good Luck w/ packing!

  5. seems accident prone is going around!! wait til you see my post today!! YIKES
    the birdie is so cute!!

  6. So glad she is ok... a bump on the head can really hurt. Sounds like the boys had a fun day together too.

  7. Oh your poor kiddos! I am glad nobody was hurt too seriously but those falls by Lexie coul have been really bad. :(

    Now I am wishing I had a sister to pull pranks on! Sounds like you have a really great family. =)

    Enjoy your vacay!!

  8. Oh, those poor kiddos! I am glad the cement didn't hurt her and she was able to enjoy swimming!

  9. Haha! You and your sister are hilarious. :)

    Accidents are pretty normal around here too. I don't think I've seen Aidyn's legs without a bruise all summer!

  10. Good grief. No more injuries! That is too funny about you and your sister!

  11. LOL at your disappointment hehe I do that with my sister too.. but I am sorry to hear about those accidents :( if we can only shield them from those.

    bet you'll have so much tomorrow! Cant wait for the photos! Enjoy the vacation sissy and dont forget to catch some rest.



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